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  1. 3dx Chat Dll Bot Public Zones Private Homes For Sale

No clippingAbility to place furniture on top of each other and inside walls with no restrictions.- No 'floor'Able to place furniture anywhere on the map, even outside the building.- Object rotationSmoother, 3° object rotations instead of 15°- Object rotationWhile drag mode, press 'F' and 'G' to rotate around X-Axis, 'H' and 'J' to rotate around Y-Axis.- Object liftingPress 'X' and 'C' buttons while dragging an item in home editor to manipulate the altitudes of an item. 'V' and 'B' for higher speed.- Click left alt to drop a duplicate of your item on the spot in Home Editor - Ability to open any of the public zones as a private home.Hold down one of the numbers 1-6 while clicking 'for friends', 'for all' or 'for group' to load public zone scene instead! (numpad won't work)1 = Fresco, 2 = Beach, 3 = Night Club, 4 = Love Island, 5 = Yacht, 6 = Sin Club.Join in through the small join button, not the big apartment buttons. X)- Shift+T for drunk effect:P - Link copyingCopy text without the name of the sender. Shift + click copies the old way.- DJ PanelWill not work even if you find it:P- No clothes restrictions during sex poses.Ability to put your clothes back on during any pose.- Clothes box positioned better.

3dx Chat Dll Bot Public Zones Private Homes For Sale

3dx3dx Chat Dll Bot Public Zones Private HomeZones

Chat now saves up to 50 messages instead of 20. Muted annoying ambient sounds and added a bind to mute everything but chat ('Y' while Main Menu up) - New coloring and printing options for a lot of clothes in the Character Editor. Holding 'Ctrl' down slows down freefly (F5).