Adventure Class C Ragnarok Mobile

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I finally have internet. Thanks to the rng gods. I'll be updating guides over the following weeks and then proceed to making new ones as soon as I get all my ducks in a row. Thank you to everyone who still frequents the site and as always, don't hesitate to comment or send me an email for any clarifications.Happy third jobbing!UPDATE:So I thought I would've had time to get to things but apparently not. I have access tho so that's a start. Lemme just get everything worked out this month and expect stuff and new content to appear.

A comprehensive list of all the achievements in Ragnarok Mobile including sorted categories for rewards.To all Ragnarok Mobile completionist and Ctrl+F users, here's a great big list of all the Achievements found in your Adventure Handbook alongside a few tips and suggestion from myself to help you unlock them. (And no, I haven't achieved each and every single one because of reasons time.)You're definitely not required to unlock all the achievements because who has the time and still enjoy the game but do note that a few of the achievements below are required to unlock specific 'end-game' blueprints or recipes that are town-specific and are only unlocked after completing a hefty amount of quests, ie.,. Some achievements also reward you with passive Matk, Atk, or MaxHP bonuses and you do need to squeeze out every little passive stat that you can get to further improve your character's standing come Ragnarok or the end of days.In addition, while this guide is specifically written for ROM SEA players, most basic achievements should also be present for the Global server. There's a 3-month difference between SEA and Global release which should account for missing achievements, ie. Events category.The Achievements list is written as is from the Adventure Handbook with the number of achievements in each category provided before its name. Details are bulleted underneath each specific achievement and comments, tips, and/or suggestions are further bulleted directly beneath the descriptions; if any.

Notes may be provided after each category if the achievements are too similar in nature.:)The complete list is provided in the first part while specific achievements with rewards are sorted in the second part according to Attack, Magic Attack, Max HP, and others.Suggestions and comments provided are solely based on experience and assumptions made from the achievement descriptions. If there are any errors and/or wrong assumptions, please call them out in the comments section down below.Tip: Use keywords such as 'Rewards,' ' Atk,' 'Matk,' or 'MaxHP' when searching the document to look for specific achievements that you need. (You might need to include a space before 'Atk,' ie. 'Atk,' just so 'Matk' searches aren't included.)Updates:February 9, 2019, 10:48AM.

Various Typos. Added Mob Avatar info, thanks to.

Added aggro strategy, thanks to Samuza. Redid calculations for Soul Performance because RIP math or lack thereof, thanks to. Fixed Adventurer Rank typos, thanks to.RAGNAROK MOBILE ACHIEVEMENTS LIST. 23 - CHARACTER Level. Humble Novice. Reach base level 10. Novice No More!.

Reach base level 20. Reached Level 30. Reach base level 30.

Stronger and Stronger. Reach base level 40. Almost Half. Reach base level 50. I Feel the Power.

Reach base level 60. Onward. Reach base level 70. One of the Strong. Reach base level 80.

The Last Push. Reach base level 90.

Max Level. Reach base level 100. Not sure if this is possible in the current version as I am pretty sure the max base level is 99. Will update once I actually reach max 99.

STR - Myst Case (188 Str), AGI - Brilight (207 Agi), DEX - Stem Worm (211 Dex), and LUK - Cookie (389 Luk). As for VIT and INT, the mobs don't seem to have any of these so you might have to max them first to 99, get all the buffs (ie. Blessing), Int/Vit Meal B, and then temp items to boost either stat until they reach 200.177 - SOCIAL Friends. You've Got a Friend!. Get a friend. Love Making Friends.

Make 10 friends. Even More Friends. Make 50 friends.

Social Butterfly. Make a hundred friends. Rewards: Friendly - Matk +2. Famous. Get 200 friends. Whisper. Send 10 private messages (PM).

Private Conversation. Start 10 PMs.

Secretive. Send 100 PMs.Interactions. Play Some Music. Play 10 CDs. Broadcast Master. Play 50 CDs.

Vocal. Play 100 CDs. Soul Performance. Play 300 CDs.CDs cost 10k = 3M needed. Rewards: DJ - Matk +2. Romance Lover.

Ride Ferris Wheel 10 times. You'll need to be holding hands with a character of the opposite gender (.sigh. I know) and a 'Fantasy - Silver Bracer' (100k) to enter the Ferris Wheel in Goblin Forest. Try Dating. Ride Ferris Wheel 20 times.

Ferris Wheel Lover. Ride Ferris Wheel 30 times. Looking for Love.

Ride Ferris Wheel 40 times. Ferris Wheel Owner. Ride Ferris Wheel 50 times. Holding Hands.

Hold hands with someone, ie. Your mercenary cat, for 60 minutes. Showing Off. Hold hands for 300 minutes. Never Let You Go.

Hold hands for 1200 minutes. Stick Together. Hold hands for 6000 minutes (or 20 days, if you only play 300 minutes every day). Rewards: Gripped - MaxHP +12.

My First Emoji. Unlock 7 emojis. Emoji Collector. Unlock 12 emojis. Emoji Lover.

Unlock 18 emojis. Emoji Master. Unlock 24 emojis. Theater Master. Unlock 32 emojis.

Rewards: Multi-faceted - Matk +6. If you're missing an emoji, head to Izlude and look for a boy near the statue on the left side of the map (near the docks). He'll play rock, paper, scissors with you. You'll need to beat him to unlock the emoji.

If you're still missing emojis, follow the main, elite, side and daily quests from Prontera to Payon (you'll need to do these quests at least once on your account, better yet, complete all quests in case you miss unlocking any game mechanic). Complete all other popups on your minimap too and talk to any NPC you encounter (to unlock NPCs in your adventure book as well) as they might be the one emoji carrier you're looking for. I actually have 33 emojis at the moment. The last one I recently unlocked is a scared emoji which I got, I think, from Glast Heim maps onwards. It was not a main quest, probably side or elite.

Adventure Class C Ragnarok Mobile

I highly advise that you do all quests at least once in an account. Rocker? No, Violin!.

Use 'Ga Ga Ga!' Once. Bought from.

Adventure Class C Ragnarok Mobile

Be Loud, Be Proud. Speak on World Channel for 3 days. I did mine for 3 consecutive days. Never tried it a day after the next. 4 - EVENT 1 - Event. Love and Courage. Complete Big Cat Celebration Event questline.

Rewards: Love and Courage - MaxHP +12. January Event for SEA.3 - X Event. EVA-01 TEST TYPE. Acquire. Rewards: EVA-01 - MaxHP +12. There will be an auction for this costume on February 15, 2019. I'm assuming there will only be one copy for the whole SEA server so lol.

Good game ROM. $$$. EVA Observer. Take a photo of a player wearing Unit-01 costume. Track the Auction on Feb.

15 to see who gets the costume and hunt him/her down for a selfie. IDK if it works for the timed Unit-01 costumes.

C Grade Adventurer Rank Up GuideRequired: Adventurer Level 25Unlock Title Rewards:Str+2Int+2Agi+2Dex+2Vit+2Luk+2Unlock Adventure Skill:. Combat Skill III (Unlock 1 auto-fight skill slots). Board Leader. Storage Expansion II (Get 20 slots for personal Stash).

Dimensional Fracture (Unlock Ymir’s Notebook). Space Expansion (Get 20 Bag slots)Others Rewards:. Unlock Prontera- Colored Contacts Shop (For changing eye color). Unlock Adventurer Bag Blueprint at Prontera Smile Shop. New Pet Capturing Tools for purchase. Unlock Pet Labor – Guild.Details:1. Receive quest from Adventurer Guild Officer – Kakaro at Prontera.

(NPC located next to Adventurer Skill NPC)2. Head to Payon, talk to NPC – Solo Took.3. Have 1 million Zeny in your bag. (The quest will not take your 1 million Zeny.)4. Obtain and activate Mentor License 導師資格證 in Adventurer Handbook.– Start quest NPC: Little Kid at Payon (Lower Left) – Green Quest Icon– Use the Mentor License from bag to activate it.5. Head to Payon Forest, talk to NPC – Katz Los.6. Then a bunch of guys come attacking Katz Los, after that go check the fallen Katz Los.7.

Adventure Class C Ragnarok Mobile

Adventure Class C Ragnarok Mobile

Head to South of Payon.8. Talk to Doctor Noya at nearby.9. Find Archbishop Thomasville at Prontera, near the church.10. Give 1000 Devil/ Evil Horn to Archbishop Thomasville at Prontera.11. Follow the quest, head back to South Payon, talk to Doctor Noya.12. Head to Geffen Underground, check Gail Norton’s Trials.13.

Kill / Participate killing 1 Doppelganger (MVP) at Underground Geffen.14. Finish Endless Tower Floor 70!15. Submit1.Orc Claw1.Antenna1.Dragon Scale500.Necklace of Wisdom16. Head to Payon, talk Solo Took to rank up! Rank up to C Grade Adventurer!Categories, Tags, Post navigation.