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Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag is present for all platforms, and that are Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Play Station 4 and Xbox 360 and one, etc. The game is released on 29 October 2013, and it consists both single player and multiplayer mode. The whole game depends on the fights of assassins. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag TrailerAssassin’s Creed IV Black Flag is considered under the category of action-adventures and stealth games. There are three main cities in the game which are given below –. Havana.

Kingston. NassauThe game is an open world environment, and it is a third-person perspective game. There are various types of interesting and classic scripted missions present in the game. The users have to travel through the forests, ruins, and small villages, etc. GameplayAssassin’s Creed IV Black Flag contains easy controls and little hard gameplay. The game allows the players to hunt on land and fish underwater. In order to survive long in the game, users need to gather more effective tools and equipments.There is a ship in the game which the players need to control.

Its name is Jackdaw, and it is easily available when the players need it.

Game: Assassins Creed IV: Black FlagThis is a Reshade ( v3.1.1) preset focused on:. Sharpening textures.

Assassin's Creed Black Flag Pc Mods

( AdaptiveSharpen). Enhancing colors. ( Vibrance/Tonemap/Curves). Removing aliasing.

( SMAA)NOTE: 'PATH' = Path to folder containing the game folder.EX - C:GamesINSTALLATION1.) Extract all files/folders to: 'PATHAssassin's Creed IV Black Flag'2.) Run game and press SHIFT+F2 to open the menu.3.) Open the Settings tab and change these 2 settings:a.) 'Effect Search Paths'EX - 'PATHAssassin's Creed IV Black Flagreshade-shadersShaders'b.) 'Texture Search Paths'EX - 'PATHAssassin's Creed IV Black Flagreshade-shadersTextures'4.) Goto the Home tab and select 'AC4BFgabe838.ini' from the dropdown box. Done!NOTE: If you don't see the preset, open dxgi.ini from your game folder and change:'PresetFiles='TO'PresetFiles=PATHAssassin's Creed IV Black FlagAC4BFgabe838.ini'.and relaunch the game.KEY-BINDS.

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Toggle Effects = Scroll Lock. Menu = Shift+F2. Screenshot = Printscreen(Screenshots are saved in your game folder.)Let me know if you would like to see any changes.- Gabe838.