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Not many people out there who haven’t heard the name Final Fantasy, I’d wager. Bio inc redemption game download. This popular JRPG saga has been with us for 30 years and has left us with an infinity of memorable moments. Though its games started out being exclusive to Nintendo consoles, the seventh release – probably the most famous one – changed everything by moving to PlayStation, the first Sony console. Final Fantasy VII was a lot of people’s first RPG experience, including my own, and it’s already been over a year since the game turned 20.

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In celebration – now that Final Fantasy games have appeared for all sorts of systems, including mobile OSes – we’ve made you a list of the best free games from the saga to appear in the Android ecosystem.Final Fantasy: Brave ExviusThis JRPG follows the classic schematic of 2D turn-based battles and has a broad cast of characters to have fun with in your battles. It presents a story typical of the first chapters of the saga and focuses on the fun combats, where you can control Final Fantasy legends like Terra, Vivi, and Sabin. And no, I’m not crying out of nostalgia and happiness after reading those names. (Okay maybe just a little).

Best Final Fantasy Game On Ps2

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As an oddity I should mention that they’ve just added a new character based on the singer Ariana Grande. Final Fantasy AwakeningAnother title that originated on PSP, this time set in the Nebula Chrisallys universe where Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels are also set. The Type-0 installments are known for offering a a totally different gameplay focused on the action and with more emphasis on the MMO aspect.

The story mode provides you with small missions where you have to defeat the enemies you come across, but you’ll also have daily events and even PvP arenas. Things we’re already familiar with around here. Crystal Defenders LiteAlthough we’ve seen lots of genre changes in the titles in this saga, never before have we seen a tower defense based on the universe created by Square. Well, until Crystal Defenders appeared, that is. This fun game is set in the compelling universe of Ivalice that we first saw in Final Fantasy Tactics. The main problem with this splendid defense game is that it only shows a bit of its full potential because to experience it to the max you have to buy the whole game. Still, this Lite version has some great moments in store for you.