Bi Publisher Word 2016 64-bit Disabled

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Hello,I have an odd situation. I am using a Microsoft Office Addin called 'BI Publisher' which is an Oracle product. It is designed to work in Excel and Word.I am using Office 2010 on a 64 bit Win 7 SP1 machine. The addin installed correctly and appears on the ribbon in both Excel and Word. We are using it in Word. It was working for me, but it has stopped working.

Bi Publisher Word 2016 64-bit Disabled Windows 10

It still appears in the ribbon and the icons show active, however, when you click an icon nothing happens. When you go to Excel, it works.I have uninstalled and reinstalled the addin. I have used 'Programs and Features' to repair Office. I looked at the Event Viewer logs. I am having no luck.I hadn't made any intentional changes to the machine and it worked one day and not the next.Any ideas on what the difference would be between Word and Excel using the same Addin? I am a developer, but not familiar with developing in Office. Is there a way to capture what is being executed in Office using Visual Studio or something else?Thank you for your help,Jer.

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Here are a couple of ideas, though you may have already tried then.Have you checked the Disabled items in Word?File  Options  AddinsAt the bottom, change the Manage dropdown to Disabled Items and Click GO.If anything appears in the box, select it and enable it.You could also take a look at the Com Addins and make sure that your Addin is actually checked so that it is working.Are there any startup templates involved with this Addin? Word's default startup location is usually C:Program FilesMicrosoft officeOffice14Startup. You may also find startup files under%appdata%microsoftwords tartup. If the startup templates are appearing under the user profile, try moving them to the Program files location and see if that makes a difference.

Came across a problem yesterday with the Oracle BI Publisher (XML Publisher) add-in for Microsoft Word. The main issue was receiving a Macro error when using any of the Oracle BI Publisher menu items (such as Data, Load Sample XML Data) I've found references on website forums stating that corrupt.exd files might be the culprit. This seemed to be the case for me. If you come across such an issue, here are the steps that I followed to fix the issue:. Close all open Word windows. (Sometimes I had to shut down the PC completely.).

Open My Computer and from the Tools menu choose Folder Options On the View Tab, scroll down through the Advanced Settings: list and ensure the Hide protected operating systems files (Recommended) is NOT ticked. Press OK. Now go Start, Run and enter the following%userprofile%Application DataMicrosoftForms and press the OK button. In the window that opens up find the file that ends with.exd. Right click the file and choose Rename.

Keep the filename as is and add.old to the end of it. (The next time this file is needed a new version will get placed here.) If there is more than one file that ends with.exd then rename all of these.

Close the Window. If you had Hide protected operating systems files (Recommended) ticked all along, follow the instructions in step 3 to go back and tick that setting again. Now start up Word and see if BI Publisher/XML Publisher is working. If not, there may possibly be other.exd files in other locations that are corrupt. Seek those out and try renaming them.


Or there might be another unrelated problem. I'd start by reinstalling the Oracle BI Publisher Desktop.Hope this helps.