Canon G3100 Error 5b00

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I just wanted to ask is there any help for my Canon MG2550 printer, this is the story. My neighbour gave me printer to fix it, it flashed alarm light 8 times which means ink absorber full so i cleaned it out thinking it had some sort of sensor that detects level of ink in it but I wery quickly figured it out its not the case. So I tried lots thing that i found online.

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Like holding power button while plugging it in and nothnig helped. Then i tried that thing with holding resume button and presing 5 times and i think i did it once by accident and second time on puropose so i can use service tool v3400 and it went in to service mode no problem. I pressed set ink absorber to 0 and program crashed so i stupidly plugged power cord out and now it wont go in to service mode (orange light stuck). So i figured out i cant to anything anymore i gave it back to him and said i cant do it. He tried to replace black ink because it was running low and after that it just blinks green and orange light alternatively (7 times) which means error 5B00.

It wont print or anything. I found out that if I press resume button 4 times instead of 5 it appears in my PC as 'Device' and i can print test patterns and head alignments by holding resume button and waiting for 4 alarm flashes etc. But when i turn it off after that it wont turn back on i have to plug it out wait few seconds (i guess for capacitors to discharge) and than i can turn it on back again. So i guess is there any help?

And also if i hold resume button while pluggign in the power it starts flashing every 2 or 3 seconds and again appears as 'Device' on pc but i cant do anythig.

As we all know, printers have become essential products for domestic and official printing purposes. Canon is one of the best company that produces quality printers. Most of the users prefer this brand for its pocket-friendliness and advanced features. Despite the benefits, it is not even free from glitches. Canon printer error 5b00 is one such error that is very common in occurrence.

It indicates an internal error has occurred with the Canon printer.If you are also encountering the same issue then it is quite important to solve the error at the earliest possible. So, keeping that in mind we are going to discuss some common reasons and foolproof tricks that are helpful for you. Common Reasons For Canon mx340 Printer Error 5b00There can be many reasons for that you are getting this particular glitch as well:. If the packing material is not removed properly, then error code 5b00 may appear on the screen. Incorrect placement of the ink cartridge can also cause this problem. If the counter absorber is not working properly or has a problem then you might encounter the issue as well.

If the inkpad absorber is filled with ink then you also confront the error. So you need to fix the issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, your printer may get severe damage.Step-by-step Guide For Canon Printer Error 5b00This issue indicates that there is an internal ink leakage issue from the ink cartridge. Users are often seen seeking the perfect solution of Canon printer error 5b00. If you are also looking for the same, then try these methods to troubleshoot the issue at an instant.

Method 1: Remove all the packing materialsWhen you find this particular error, the first thing you should do is simply open the door of the printer. But, you need to be sure that all the packing materials are removed from your Canon printer.

After a few seconds, close the door as usual and check if the issue still appears or not. Method 2: Place the ink cartridge properlyCanon printer error 5b00 also happens, if you put the ink tank at a wrong place. So, you need to be sure that all the tanks are placed properly inside the printer.

The first thing you need to do is, open the door of the printer and verify that all the ink tanks are placed properly at the right place or not. Method 3: Reset Counter AbsorberIf the error is not still solved, then you may choose this one. First, be sure that the printer is turned on. After that, press the Resume button for a couple of times.


Now, tap and hold the Power key to confirm the Reset process. Now, an option of Reset will be shown on the screen. Tap on that icon and let your Canon printer reset. Get In Touch With Us For More AssistanceHopefully, by executing the above steps, you will fix the Canon printer error 5b00 completely. But, in case if you find any difficulties, then dial our toll-free number and give us a call. We have experienced engineers who are already experts in this domain. If you are getting a busy tone on this number, then you can also send us an email addressing your queries.

Canon G3100 Error 5b00

Reset Canon G3100 Error 5b00 Gratis

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