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This article contains content that is written like. Please help by removing and inappropriate, and by adding encyclopedic content written from a. ( June 2011) Chikka, short for Chikka Text Messenger, was an Internet-based application that supports free or between online users and offline mobile subscribers. Chikka was released by Chikka Philippines, Inc. In the early 2000 and eventually established its connection with the country's network operators (2001), (2002) and (2004).

Contents.Etymology Pronounced as it is spelled, Chikka (’CHI-ka, derived from chika) is a colloquial term for 'small talk' or 'chatter'. As a verb, it translates to mingling easily, or doing anything with ease or in a clever manner. For Chikka, 'small talk' refers to the nature of the many text and chat messages exchanged throughout online and mobile communities worldwide.History Chikka Philippines, Incorporated, founded in 2000 by Chito Bustamante, and Alexandra Roxas, is headquartered in. It operates as a subsidiary of Chikka Holdings, Ltd. The owners of the company wanted to devise a customer service application that would connect Internet-to-mobile communities.In 1999, Chikka began developing Chikka Text Messenger, which combines the features of instant messaging and SMS technology all available and accessible on a regular mobile phone. This application was originally intended for small e-commerce businesses that catered to the for the delivery of goods to the Philippines. It was designed to withstand SMS volume in a country sending 30 million messages daily, which made it 'Text Capital of the World' in 2000.Chikka was founded as a during the tail-end of the in 2000.

A year later, Chikka Messenger was launched. Chikka beat world players in creating an effective mobile instant messaging application, one that would marry SMS. Chikka’s solution and subsequent hold on the market was such that prevented many more global players from gaining ground in the 'SMS Capital.' The Chikka Text Messenger (CTM) was capable of translating functionalities such as presence detection (knowing which users are online), into SMS-enabled mobile phones. Effective anti-spam and privacy features were also built-in to assure primary customers in the network operators. Users would log-on to Chikka using their mobile phone number and enjoy free instant messaging from a PC and continue to receive messages on their mobiles even when offline.Such features are the subject of patent filings worldwide.By the third quarter of 2002, Chikka Asia, Inc.

Chikka Text Messenger For Desktop Windows 7

Had already launched multiple services that allowed it to seize market leadership in the local Value Added Service (VAS) SMS market in the Philippines, especially on various corporate promo applications and SMS-based games.In 2008, CEO handed down CEO duties to Chito Bustamante, so as to focus on Product Development as Chikka's new Chief Imagination Officer. The company began taking steps towards an IPO or some other liquidity event for its investors. June 14, 2011. Retrieved 2011-06-14. Retrieved 2011-08-30. Retrieved 2018-03-07. Estavillo, Maricel (December 15, 2005).

Chikka Messenger Online

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