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Civilization 6 OverviewCivilization 6 Free Download for PC is a turn-based 4X video game and the sixth main title in the Civilization series. Civilization VI was developed by Firaxis Games, published by 2K Games, and distributed by Take-Two Interactive. The game was released on October 21, 2016 for Microsoft Windows and on October 24, 2016 for OS X. Reactivelist obsolete source list. A port for Linux is planned sometime later.

As with other games in the series, the goal for the player is to lead their fledgling civilization from an early settlement through many millennia to become a world power and achieve one of several victory conditions—such as through military power, technological superiority, or diplomatic leadership—over the other human and computer controlled opponents. Players do this by exploring the world, founding new cities, building city improvements, deploying military troops to attack and defend from others, researching new technologies and cultural civics, and engage in trade and negotiations with other world leaders. Development of Civilization VI was led by the teams that produced the expansions for Civilization V, and includes many of the gameplay mechanics introduced from those expansions as part of the base game. A critical design focus was to avoid having the player follow a pre-set path of improvements towards their civilization which they had observed from earlier games. Civilization 6 Download free Full Version.Civilization VI places more emphasis on the terrain by «unstacking» city improvements from the main city space and giving bonuses for placing improvements near certain terrains.

The difficulty level is a game setting in that allows players to compete against opponents matched to their skills and desire for challenge. In order from lowest to highest, the difficulty levels are as follows:. Settler. Chieftain.

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Warlord. Prince. King. Emperor. Immortal.

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DeitySince the computer players are not controlled by advanced AI, but instead behave based on a very long list of if-then statements (i.e. Cannot learn from and react to the player's strategies by changing their own accordingly), the game makes the AI leaders more challenging opponents by giving them advantages on higher difficulty levels. The bonuses conferred to both human and AI players on each difficulty level are listed in the table below.All of the information presented here comes from the articles cited below and the game's XML files. ElementSettlerChieftainWarlordPrinceKingEmperorImmortalDeityAI / / Bonuses+0%+0%+0%+0%+8%+16%+24%+32%AI / Bonuses+0%+0%+0%+0%+20%+40%+60%+80%AI Combat Bonus-1-1-10+1+2+3+4Player Combat Bonus+3+2+100000AI Combat XP+0%+0%+0%+0%+10%+20%+30%+40%Player Combat XP+45%+30%+15%+0%+0%+0%+0%+0%AI Free Tech/Civics Boosts00001234AI Starting Settlers11111223AI Starting Warriors11112345AI Starting Builders00001.122Barbarian Camp303030. The AI receives this after completing its first.Related achievements.