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' I smell fear. And it smells good.' Admiral Trench is a villain from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He is a Harch who serves the Confederacy of Independent Systems.Early LifeAt one time in his military career, he fought in the Battle of Malastare Narrows. Trench and his fleet tore each ship apart until the Jedi Task force arrived. His ship was destroyed and everyone thought he was dead.

Clone Wars Admiral Trench

That was until the Blockade of Christophsis during the Clone Wars.DeathTrench had attacked Christophsis with his large armada. Little did he know, that the heroes of the Republic had a stealth ship. He faced stealth ships before, but he expected them to be bigger. Trench fired tracking torpedoes at the stealth ship, however, it turned around and headed directly for his bridge.

Star Wars Clone Wars Admiral Trench

The torpedoes slammed into the bridge of his ship, almost killing him.RevivalTrench survived the destruction of his ship. However he had to get cybernetic replacements for one of his eyes, parts of his flesh, a tusk and several of his arms/legs. He over saw the separatist forces at the space station surrounding Ringo Vinda. When the Republic came nearer to his base he witnesses clone trooper Tup killing a Jedi master. Divinity 2 crafting weapons. After the clones retreat he informs Count Dooku about it and on his behalf his droids capture Tup.

Admiral Trench Wookieepedia

However in the end the Republic is able to retrieve Tup, but were unable find the reason for Tup killing the jedi (which was order 66).