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2010 Georgia CodeTITLE 52 - WATERS OF THE STATE, PORTS, AND WATERCRAFTCHAPTER 7 - REGISTRATION, OPERATION, AND SALE OF WATERCRAFTARTICLE 1 - GENERAL PROVISIONS§ 52-7-5 - Numbering of vessels; generallyO.C.G.A. 52-7-5 (2010)52-7-5. Numbering of vessels; generally(a) The owner of each vessel required to be numbered by this article shall file an application for number with the department on forms approved by it. Upon receipt of the application in approved form, the department shall enter the application upon its records and issue to the applicant a certificate of number stating the number assigned to the vessel, the name and address of the owner, and such additional information as may be prescribed by the department.(b) (1) The identification number assigned to all registered vessels, except those documented by the United States Coast Guard, must be permanently painted or attached to each side of the forward half of the vessel, and no other number may be displayed thereon. Numbers must read from left to right, be in block characters, be of a color contrasting with the background, and be not less than three inches in height nor more than one inch apart.


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There shall be a hyphen or space between the prefix letters and numerals and between the numerals and the suffix letters.