Cs 1.6 Original Offline

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In this tutorial i will teach you to play Counter-Strike 1.6 with friends on WLAN for free legally.Note: This guide can also work for Counter-Strike: Source. But it’s not free legally.Remember, During early days, Counter-Strike was just a mod of Half-Life. So, the original mod is still free. Although it’s not updated.So, lets start up.Things you need:. Any computer with Wireless modem or a laptop with WLAN.

It’s better to have the laptop. Windows 7 is best for adhoc connections. Friend’s laptop with same configuration. Counter-Strike 1.6. And of course some time to play.First of all you need to download Counter-Strike 1.6, if you already bought it on steam then it’s okay but i would still recommend to download this version. As different versions of others clients would lead to failure.Download it from.After downloading, install it on your laptop(or pc). And also copy it to any flash drive and install it on the other laptops.


Cs 1.6 Original Offline Games

So you are the server and they will become the client.Now open “Control Panel” open “Network and Sharing center”.Click on “Manage wireless Networks” it is located in the left panel.Then it would open like this.Click on “add”.Now “create an ad hoc network”.Now, choose one network name. And set the security type to open or you may choose WPA2. But open can also be used if you are playing inside the room.Now you need to connect to this network.Also connect the other laptops with this network.Now open Counter-Strike and create a server.Since you created the server, then you will be the server and others will be the client.After few moments, let the others open counter-strike and tell them to click on “Find Servers” “LAN tab”. And they would be able to see your server.Tell them to connect and hurrah. You all guys would be able to play counter-strike on a single map.Note: You will soon encounter some problem, when you will try to play this second time. Your friends might not be able to connect. If so happens then you need to delete the ad hoc connection and create a new one.

Cs 1.6 Original Offline

Cs 1.6 Multiplayer

You may need to repeat this process for every time you play.For creating ad hoc connection on Windows XP. Please refer to this.Blogger Labels.