Danny Olson If I Lose Myself Tonight

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I assume this is a joke because this is terrible. Nobody will be impressed with this at all.

  1. Danny Olson - If I Lose Myself Tonight - Epic Orchestral Rendition

Thinkback to the Olympics, do you remember any notable events? The water turning green. Katie Ledecky. Simone Biles. Lochete's little fiasco. You won't be able to predictany of that. You won't even be able to predict a single winner.You won't be able to to predictany of that or any of the winners or anything else that anyone would be impressed by.Waste of people's life.2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.


Danny Olson - If I Lose Myself Tonight - Epic Orchestral Rendition

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Danny Olson If I Lose Myself TonightGuitar

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