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Over the last year Ive been going through all the soulsbourne games and sekiro, in kinda a reverse order, I am currently like 80% through DS1 and only boss left in any of the other games is the last boss in sekrio and them daft tigers in DS2 who I will likely never defeat cause the tundra is just too annoying and not worth the effort. Since Ive been playing I admit I'm getting really good at least not a liability to someone which brings me to my question. I would love to complete one of the games completely co-op with someone in 1 day as a kind of DIY challenge, sadly all my mates either dont have the games or play PC so would anyone be down for 1 day clocking a whole game and keeping count of our deaths? I'm even up for a crew doing it real fellowship of the ring style., anyways my PSN is kushmummy if your down drop me a message, I got all the games, but I'm thinking DS3, BB or DS1 as DS2 was my least favourite, if your down for DS3 I will purchase the DLC to add to the experience as its the only DLC I aint done. Tenor sax mouthpiece reviews.

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Contents RequirementsInstallationNOTE: It is recommended that you start with a fresh installation of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition before trying to install this mod. Download the Daughters of Ash 'one-click installer' from the Nexus Mods. Download and place the EXE for UnpackDarkSoulsForModding in your Dark Souls DATA folder. Run the UnpackDarkSoulsForModding.exe by double-clicking on it. A command prompt window should appear. Do not close the window until the prompt indicates that the process has finished.

Run the Daughters of Ash 'one-click installer' by double-clicking on it. It will ask you to locate DARKSOULS.exe in your DATA folder. After the installation finishes, check the 'Patching' section below to install any needed patches.Congrats!

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You should now have a functioning copy of Daughters of Ash that you can launch through Steam.PatchingTo see if you are on the latest patch, check the FILES tab on the Nexus Mods page.If there is a patch ZIP file available with a version number greater than the installer you used, download it and unzip its contents into your DATA folder (overwriting any files already there).NOTE: If you have already installed the mod and are on a patch prior to 1.2.0, you must download the latest installer and run it to update.Patch Notes.