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Over at the spam-infested official forum I saw somebody write that using mods, any mods, might disable achievements. Is this correct?So far I just had a go with some minor mods, besides the one that allows you to remove mines and quarries (which also in effect makes them un-depletable btw), but as I've got a new computer since I last played Banished, it would be nice to get some of the achievements filled out, as they are pretty well done in Banished, as opposed to just about any other game out there you care to mention Would be a little unfortunate if that means I can't play with mods at all, even the one that just changes 'Season' to 'Year'. Can see it from both sides really. Some mods make some achievements easier to achieve, but at the end of the day it's the player's game and if he (or she) wants to effectively cheat to get them all, so be it. But all mods aren't cheats, or making the game easier either. It can be a translation to German or whatever, there is that tiny mod I use that just change 'Season' in the buildings to 'Year'. And on the flipside, seemingly everybody and their dog are using firewood to trade tons and tons of food, so they can grow quickly to population levels unsustainable on their own.Luke probably can't get the game to recognise whether mod X or Y makes the game easier or not (and they can make it harder too), so can see that he has made the call to disable all achievements if any mod is active.

Not sure I like the decision, though. It's odd really, because usually I can't stand achievements. They tend to be very tacky.' Congratulations, you have opened the game' - ACHIEVEMENT!'

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Congratulations, you have started a new game' - ACHIEVEMENT!' Congratulations, you have played for one minute and are still alive' - ACHIEVEMENT!' Congratulations, you have played for two min.' However, the achievements in Banished are pretty well-made, and flow naturally in the gameplay. It's not something you have to go hunting for really, apart from a few perhaps. It's more fun to play with mods than get the odd achievement though, so if Luke wants to keep it this way, then I can have no complaints really.

At the end of the day achievements are pretty unimportant stuff, and won't change how I play anyway. But as mentioned above, some mods such as translations and string changes don't affect the gameplay at all, so it would be nice if there was some kind of way for the game to recognise that instead of a blanket ban on achievements if any mod is used.

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Nobody has really introduced 'Luke' but I assume he is our one and only programmer. I don't think he should do things like turning off a feature without a notice, even if it is a beta. Good way to P.O. The end users.However, if mods are now working, and I haven't really tried any, just put in the patch and note that I can get the mods panel now, then well done.There is a general problem with wine/Linux at the moment, at least on my machine, where I have to run the game flat out (10x) to get anything done at all. The threading method seems to be the problem.

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Can you enable the mods after getting all the achievements?That's what I'm going to do. I love Bethesda and understand why you wouldn't want modded games earning achievements, but when you've got bugged achievements like I do it's really frustrating when I know someone could have made a mod that fixed it in like, a day. The Nuka Xtreme recipe and one of the Islander's almanacs aren't spawning for me so I'm currently on a new character trying again.A modder could have easily fixed these problems I'm sure. As a matter of fact, one of the first mods you see on the website is one that is strictly dedicated to fixing bugs that Bethesda should have already taken care of.

Fallout 4 is an older game now. The achievement bugs should have already been fixed.