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Comic Vine - Mar 27, 2013I want more comics like EAST OF WEST. It shouldn't be a surprise being that the comic is from Jonathan Hickman. Teaming up with Nick Dragotta once again and with Frank Martin's colors, it not only is a captivating read, the art and color will make your eyes happy.

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With a futuristic/sci-fi Western feel, this comic stands apart from the others on sale. There's something for everyone here. All you need to know is this is not a comic you should miss out on. It's the next big comic people will be talking about. It's a comic you'll be happy you read.

Comics Crux - May 10, 2013If you cant tell by now, you should buy East of West #1. Just put it in your pull list, digital cart, whatever you need to do, dont miss a single issue of this one. East of West features some of Hickmans strongest work, Dragottas best art to date, and showed the continuing power of what having a good colorist will do for your comic. This is a cant miss series and you will be remiss if you pass up the opportunity to read this one. If there was a level beyond highly recommended, I would invent one, its that good. Front Towards Gamer - Apr 2, 2013It's a rare moment when something passes through and upon the first reading you know you have found something special.

East of West is one of these moments. Upon reading this issue I spread the word and have heard nothing but positive responses. There's some elements of the story that are hard to grasp ' those who like a quick read or easy plot won't like it ' but there's a sense that you're not meant to get it all in one go. Unless someone is against westerns there are few issue to find with East of West. It's early to tell, but if Hickman and Drogotta can keep this up they might just have another The Walking Dead or Saga on their hands.

After reading East of West #1 it has immediately made itself a prominent place in my pull list. It should find a home in yours too. The Weekly Crisis - Mar 31, 2013The story that Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta are telling here is an incredibly interesting one.

There's elements from all kinds of stories, including westerns, science fiction, the bible, revenge stories, and lots more, but Hickman and Dragotta mix them together into something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Hopefully East of West did not fly under your radar, but if it did, I would suggest doing your darndest to get your hands on a copy. The price to page ratio alone is worth the purcahse. Comic Book Resources - Mar 29, 2013What's especially nice about 'East of West' #1 is that it's very clear by the end of this first issue that this isn't a thin story. There's an untold background hinted at, a hidden conspiracy that set everything in motion and of course the world-building that's going on to get us from our timeline to this one. Hickman and Dragotta are clearly telling an epic story, and it feels so rich and textured that it's hard to not want to see more. The comic is off to an extremely strong start, and it's a big victory for Hickman, Dragotta, and Image Comics.

East Of West 34 Cbr

I'm definitely coming back for more. Read Comic Books - Mar 27, 2013Suffice to say, everybody should pick up East of West #1. It is a fantastic series that is smart, creative, and beautiful but might be a bit heavy for some readers tastes.

The only way to know if this series is for you is to buy the issue and make the determination. No matter what you think of the world East of West takes place in, there is no denying the comic boasts some of intense moments and powerful dialog.

East of west 34 cbr

Snatch this up as soon as you can and maybe even grab two because this series is here to stay and will surely boast a large fan base. Mar 29, 2013A sci-fi western with an alternate version of history about the Four Horsemen with a racial war apparently coming into play appears to be what East of West is, and I LOVED every minute of it.

Hickman, Dragotta and Martin have crafted a quality introductory issue and the fact that they chose to use Image Comics to express themselves is fitting, being that Image has an extensive catalog of unique comic books. A second printing of East of West #1 has already been ordered, so you had better go out and grab this one while you can!. Multiversity Comics - Mar 28, 2013'East of West' isn't the out of the gate success that fans would hope it to be. Even with an oversized debut issue, Hickman could've used more time to give the book a stronger narrative foundation. Hickman relies a little too on the 'Lost method,' layering mysteries to build interest.

Still, the incredible potential of the world that Hickman and Dragotta are creating is definitely on display. There are literally hundreds of stories waiting to be told about this strange alternate future, many of which are teased and seeded in this very issue.

East Of West Cbr

While 'East of West' lacks the heart of Hickman's other work, this first issue is an extremely fun and exciting start. Newsarama - Mar 26, 2013Many people will dismiss East of West not knowing where it is headed, or even worse, calling it self-indulgent on Hickman's part. I do think this is a comic that relies on the voices of its creators, but I think that's ultimately a good thing ' I don't see Hickman or Dragotta going for the deep themes or the movie deals, but instead are producing a platform for pure style. That's good for now, even if that can't last forever. With sharp art and strong dialogue, this first issue has a lot going for it ' but first impressions aside, only time will tell if East of West will find its narrative true north.

Eye On Comics - Mar 30, 2013I've seen a couple of references online referring to East of West as 'the next Saga.' I hope the reference is one to its potential collectibility and the fervent following Saga has engendered, because as fascinating as East of West is, I'm not quite as enthralled as I am by Saga. I can see some parallels, yes - the mix of magic and sci-fi, some oddball designs, such as the weird steed ridden by Death as he parts ways with his siblings. But I think Saga, despite being set against an interstellar war and its weird, monstrous character designs, it ultimately has a positive tone, celebrating nature and life.

East of West - at least so far - is dark, dark, dark. It's about ugly people doing ugly things in ugly places.

And I'm great with darkness and harshness. I'm eager to meet the missing Horseman, though, and to learn its motivation for turning its back on its nature and prophecy. Mar 28, 2013 $3.50, 26pgs.+ map. A loaded start to a new indy series for Mr. Hickman Dragotta, packed with dynamite action, characters and greater mysteries. Set in the future, but working a western angle, this sci-fi action book also features the arcane and wild plot which promises mysteries to unfold and intricate working to be exposed.

Jonathan Hickman

Draggotta brings another level to his artwork here. The stylish page breaks throw me off a bit and seem a waste of pages, but at least they aint ADs! This very well could be the next big MUST BUY series from Image. Will they keep up with all thier other books? Classy cover.