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Problem: Need to print the white elements in Excel XPcharts embedded in dark-colored PowerPoint XP slides asblack when the slides are printed in black and white.PowerPoint automatically prints the dark slide backgroundas colorless,i.e. White on the paper, using black andwhite printing.The Excel XP charts are pasted into PowerPoint XP andformated to display with white text, axes, and axeslabels against the slide's dark background. The whitechart elements need to be printed as black type on whitepaper when the slide is printed for handouts usingthe 'Pure Black and White' option available in the 'Grayscale/Color' section of the PowerPoint Print Dialoguebox. The cause of the problem seems to be that the plotand chart areas of the Excel charts are white and notreally transparent as they appear to be when the chart ispasted into the slide. The white plot and chartbackgrounds let the slide color show leaving only thewhite chart elements and the colors for the data visibleagainst the slide color.

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However, when the slide isprinted in black and white, the white chart elements areprinted against the actual white chart and plot areabackgrounds, making the chart elements invisible on whitepaper.Charts created within PowerPoint XP can be formatted withwhite elements displayed with the slide color showing inthe graph area. All white chart elements print in blackusing Black and White printing. I surmize that the chartarea background is automatically truly transparent usingMS Graph within PowerPoint.How do I make the chart and plot areas in Excel chartstransparent? There is no option in the format chart andplot area dialog boxes for selecting transparency.Thanks! Peggy -If you can see the slide background through the chart, then the chartarea and plot area of the Excel chart is transparent (for fill, None isselected). The problem with the Excel charts is that, despite theirgreater utility than the MS Graph charts that are built withinPowerPoint, they are not linked with PowerPoint closely enough tounderstand the black and white printing option (neither are color imagesinserted from a file, IIRC). On the other hand, MSG charts are optimizedfor this kind of behavior.The way I deal with this, aside from toning down the overall slideformatting, is to either use a white or light colored chart background(not transparent) or make a white or light colored rectangle under thechart.

Transparent Background Css


This prevents the slide background from showing through thechart, but in most cases I can't believe this is a bad thing (althoughI'm sure your own slides are very nicely done ). The darkerbackground all around the chart may serve to frame it.- Jon-Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVPPeltier Technical ServicesTutorials and Custom Solutions.