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Fallout 3 360 Mods
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Fallout 3 For Xbox 360

One time setup bluestacks. Contents See also.Fallout 3 Mod Sites:.Uncategorized Mods.Quest Mods Finchley HeightsThis mod contains a new settlement consisting of roughly 25 buildings (a quarter of which are inhabited and two thirds of which can be explored), a sewer system, and 15 NPCs. The mod also adds some new gameplay space to an existing dungeon. It adds one new side quest and one new unmarked quest.

Mods Para Fallout 3 Xbox 360

The side quest lets players choose to help a dying man program his personality into a Robobrain or to assist that man's rival in sabotaging the project. For more details, follow the link and read the full description.Gameplay Mods Unofficial Fallout 3 PatchUnofficial Fallout 3 Patch is an effort put forth by modder Quarn with help from others to fix a variety of bugs, mostly minor, in the game. It effects the changes on a plugin level, so anything not editable via the GECK or through mesh and texture editing is not possible.