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DEWA or gods is a name of music group from Surabaya, East Java leader Ahmad Dhani. This group has undergone several changes of members, and the final formation consists of Ahmad Dhani (guitar), Andra (guitar), Tyo Nugros (drummer), Yuke (bass) and Once (vocals, keyboards). Dewa was formed in 1986 by four students SMP 6 Surabaya, with the acronym of their names Ahmad Dhani (keyboard, vocals), Erwin Prasetya (Bass), Henry Juniarso (Drums), and Andra Junaidi (guitar), with headquarters in the house at the complex Wawan University Airlangga (Airlangga University), Surabaya.

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Henry then decided to get out of the god in 1988 and joined the Outsider, which includes Ari Lasso. Gods name later changed to Down Beat, which is quite famous in the neighborhood of East Java. Henry then returned to join the Gods with Ari Lasso. Down Beat's name was changed to Dewa 19 because at that time the average age of 19 years of personnel.The first album titled successful in the market to acquire BASF awards for the category of Best Newcomer and Best-Selling Album in 1993. When this album Future Formats, Henry again leave because they feel does not fit with his friends. Dewa 19 moment to ask for help now Rere ADA Band drummer to fill the drummer position, just after the album Best Best-finished, go Wong Aksan drummer position.But after completing the album of the Five Pandavas (1998), Wong Aksan out of Dewa 19 and was replaced by Ben Sulaksono who is also a former member of the band Neutral.

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Soon Ben is also leaving the group and join to form a group Bebi Romeo. In the journey, Dewa 19 also experienced problems with drugs. As a result of two personnel Ari Lasso and Erwin Prasetya addicted and had to undergo rehabilitation, while Ari Lasso position as a vocalist would have to be replaced Once. Position vacant drummer who filled in by Tyo iru Nugros.On the fifth album, Five Star (2000 name changed back to Dewa 19. When it was his album exploded on the market and Erwin were then log back into the bass player. Following that in 2002 released the album Love Gods Love. But in the same year a lot of problems emerged, including song in question because of alleged copyright infringement.

Until then forced Dewa to title with Arjuna only. X wing engine upgrade. The next problem came when Erwin Prasetya again leave because management does not fit with God and then replaced the former bassist Yuke Sampurna band The Groove.Next, release the album, and in the same year, the name again changed to Dewa 19 to present. The position of the drum could be given to the Great Yudha in the year 2008. The formation is formally introduced in the video clips of the Dead I'm Dead.August 2008, Dewa 19 re-launch the new single, the title Most Beautiful Woman In My country Indonesia. The single was a compilation album, THE BEST OF THE REPUBLIC OF LOVE.FREE DEWA BANDDEWA 19FREE DEWA BANDPost Tags.