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Dept is considering allowing installation and automated deployment of Google Chrome browser to 100+ desktops. One of the requirements is for domain credentials to be passed through. The desired behaviour is the same as Internet Explorer.An issue has come up when browsing intranet resources. Intranet sites which require Active Directory authentication are showing the 'Authentication Required' dialog.For each site, you have to enter your domain credentials.Question: Does Google Chrome currently, or plan to, support passthrough Windows authentication? If so, how do you configure this security setting?

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This has been included in the stable release of Chrome 5.x as of May 2010. It works similar to Internet Explorer in that 'Intranet' URLs (without dots in the address) will attempt single sign-on if requested by the server.To enable passthrough for other domains, you need to run Chrome with an extra command line parameter: chrome.exe -auth-server-whitelist=',,.baz'BackgroundAccording to the, this issue was reported in Sep 2008. Was apparently given to the Google Summer of Code team. It sounds like it will be worked on in.This is good news, and will hopefully bring some stature to Chrome's image in the enterprise. The intranet is so prevalent, and to adopt a browser is difficult without having this feature. Chrome has been updated (version 5+) has the following:In windows it integrates with intranet zones setting in 'internet options'In Windows only, if thecommand-line switch is not present,the permitted list consists of thoseservers in the Local Machine or LocalIntranet security zone (for example,when the host in the URL includes a'.'

Also finding games in multiplayer is broken. Doing a complete uninstall reinstall right now but I have a feeling this is related to server and network issues in that map. Floor Friends have also had regular crashing on other maps.

Character it is outside the LocalIntranet security zone), which is thebehavior present in IE.If a challenge comes from a serveroutside of the permitted list, theuser will need to enter the usernameand password.For other OS's, you can use the command line switch: -auth-server-whitelist=',,.baz'source. @SimonEast - I'm going to assume you're referring to my answer (my 77th, ever), and not my comment re: 'communism'. Re: the answer - That's absolutely true- as are a lot of answers across all the Stack Exchange sites. I'd presume that having a date stamped on my answer makes readers painfully aware that the information is likely out of date.

I don't, personally, see it as a productive activity to spend time searching for 6+ year old answers that are already low on vote counts ( as compared to the accepted answer) and downvoting them but if that makes you happy please feel free.–Jul 24 '15 at 0:53.

Here is a video to get you started. Google Chrome Hijacked?This tutorial covers the following unwanted search / homepage providers:. SweetIM.

Google chrome authentication required registration Delta Search. Babylon. FunDial. FunMoods. or MyStart.incredibar.comSymptomsThis article is to help those who have on or more of the following issues:.

Google Chrome Authentication Required Prompt

Default search engine changed without your knowledge / permission. Default home page changedHow Do You Get Rid of These Things?This is not easy. Not because there are tough technical step involved, but because there are many things that you have to check. These guys get in through different ways, and make lots of changes on your computer.Worry not!

We will go though these one by one and get rid of this uninvited guest. Look for Suspicious ExtensionsMost of the times, malware get in as an extension. These extensions can change your browser settings, including the new tab page and your default search engine. So our first stop is the extensions page.Open chrome://extensions and look for anything suspicious. For example, if your default search engine was changed by SweetIM, look for SweetIM here.Sometimes these extensions show up without any meaningful name, say, Unknown. If you find something like that, remove that too.Look for Creepy Software on Your ComputerOur next stop is your computer’s Control Panel. Click the Chrome menu icon on the browser toolbar.

Select Settings. Search for Reset browser settings. Click Reset browser settings.What happens when you reset Chrome? Read in detail. If Your Are Still Stuck With Babylon.

Google Chrome Authentication Required Windows 7

Try this:. Go to Start Run Regedit.

Google Chrome Authentication Required Free

On the left panel go to the top of the list. Press F3 and search for the word Babylon. Regedit will find the first one – press delete. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you’ll get something like: “Regedit did not find.”. From Settings, change the default search engine back to Google.Thanks to Google Chrome product forums user edwinsequeira for this one! Remove Default Tab ExtensionThere is a creepy “Default Tab” extension that I have seen many people talking about. Here is how to remove that one.