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ReturnsWe will replace any damaged products if you return them within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us at: to find out how to send damaged products back to our nearest warehouse and we will process the replacement after we receive them.Please always include your order confirmation number in the subject line so we can be super speedy when replying!As we are all different, we appreciate that our tea may not be suitable for absolutely every body type and so we cannot offer refunds if the tea does not perform the changes you desire.

Prior to purchasing our tea, we recommend you read through our or to read our reviews – or see our. I received the Great Cleansing Elixir for free with a purchase during a promotion skinny mint was running. I first combined it with 8oz of water like the instructions recommend on the packaging, and it tasted ok. I then decided to add it to a smoothie and I absolutely loved it!

Chocolate mint plant

I use a scoop of the powder, a banana, some yogurt, and a little almond milk and it tastes delicious! It is very filling and gives you a nice little boost of energy. I've also seen great skin benefits from consuming this powder! I'd definitely recommend!

Chocolate Detox Drink


I’ve tried many different cleanses, not that they may not work, it was just never easy enough to follow. Skinnymint products just happened to fit in my very spontaneous routine (I frequently go away for work for weeks on end without notice). And when I can, I have enjoyed the recipes.

The teas, vitamins, and coffee are delicious - and I can’t wait to try the hot chocolate (since I always sneak some mocha in my coffee at the office). I love SkinnyMint, and this is the first time I have ever made MULTIPLE repeat orders for a product like this. I’ve seen a difference in my body, my “skinnier” clothes are fitting (I don’t weigh myself), and I truly feel more positive when I have my green elixir smoothie in the morning (infused with the morning tea, frozen fruit, hemp hearts, and organic honey). Thank you SkinnyMint!