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HistoryGrove Street is one of only a couple of named streets retained from the rendition of along with the iconic.Contrary to the separation of the universe renditions, reference is made in GTA V to the street's prior appearance in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. According to, most of the OGs eventually moved on with their lives, and possibly became rich. Grove Street retains a legendary and almost mythical reputation among some residents of Los Santos, such as, due to 'events in the nineties' as puts it when with Jimmy. Ballas members may also be heard shouting 'The Families were kicked out ages ago'.Events of GTA V. Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows., Franklin Clinton, Lamar Davis, and his dog arrive at Grove Street to with a.

Trevor becomes suspicious and asks to inspect the cocaine brick, and the Balla refuses. Trevor snatches the brick from the dealer and discovers that the brick was actually an ounce of cocaine packaged with most of a kilogram of 'drywall'. A three-way firefight between Trevor, Franklin, Lamar, the Ballas and the ensues.

Eventually, the trio manage to fight their way out of Grove Street and escape through the nearby.Mission Appearances.Businesses. (accessible interior, corner of Davis Avenue).


aka Auto Fix Factory. An un-named closed down business at the corner of the unnamed street.Collectibles. A can be found in the back garden of a house in the cul-de-sac. An can be found in the backyard of a house.VehiclesIn GTA V and GTA Online, pre-modified Gang versions of the, and painted in Ballas colors can spawn parked at the end of the cul-de-sac, and will sometimes be entered and driven away when approached.

Non-affiliated pre-modified versions of the same cars can spawn in a driveway further up the street on the south side.InfluenceGrove Street is most likely based on Spruce Street in because of the, the tree related name, the (in a separate location of the street), and that the Ballas (who are based on the ) occupy the area. In real-life, the Tree Top Piru set of the Bloods occupy the street.Gallery. A pre-modified spawning in a driveway.Trivia. During the mission, when the player approaches Grove Street, three men on bicycles can be seen riding away.

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The three men resemble,. This is a reference to the mission in, in which CJ, Smoke and Ryder escape the pursuing on bikes. Although not meant to be a direct copy of the 3D Universe rendition, the HD Universe Grove Street does have some similarities:. Both end in cul-de-sacs. Both are deep in gang territory. Both are located adjacent to commercial areas. Both are close to large stadiums.

Both are adjacent to the (a.k.a. Los Santos River). However, the 3D version runs several blocks longer than the HD version.

Contents DescriptionLeft to right: Sweet, Big Smoke, CJ, and Ryder, the main members of Grove StreetThe Grove Street Families is an African-American street gang and one of the oldest street gangs in,. They are also the native gang of protagonist. They are the sworn enemy of the, an intense and ongoing rivalry as part of the. The Families also maintain rivalries with the two Mexican gangs in Los Santos - the and the.

Their rivalry with the Varrios Los Aztecas is not nearly as intense as it is with the Ballas and Vagos. However, both gangs will still commonly fight. Kendl (sister of Grove Street Leader Sweet) ends up dating a high-ranking member of the Aztecas while CJ befriends him - much to the disapproval of Sweet.Most of their territory can be found in the poorer/run-down neighborhoods in the far east of the city, though they also have small pockets of territory elsewhere - including the rich area of and the popular tourist destination of. They are easily identifiable by their green gang color.They are headed by Sean 'Sweet' Johnson and as well as former lieutenants and OGs, and.As far as street gangs in GTA San Andreas go, the GSF are depicted as more honorable than their rival gangs.

Coming from a background of older traditions, they are against hard drugs being sold on their turf as opposed to the Ballas and Vagos. They are very stubborn and Sweet refuses to adapt to changes in the Los Santos criminal underworld. They are well-known, however, for committing numerous other crimes and violent acts including gun running/arms-trafficking, gang-banging, gang warfare, murder, robbery, burglary/theft, gang-related homicide, vandalism and street violence.GSF members drive the,.

Their favourite radio station is the.