How To Check Your Mods On Twitch

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How to Get Bits on TwitchBits allow you to express yourself on Twitch through animated icons, and can make your message stand out from the crowd (these are called Cheers). Depending on how many Bits you spend, your Cheer can become more elaborate and detailed. The biggest currently available will cost you 10,000 Bits, but there is a noticeable difference between it and the one provided from just a single Bit.Those that use this function will also be rewarded with Badges that display your highest current Cheer threshold for that particular channel. In Partner channels, Cheers can even yield specially customized Cheers that are specially designed to correspond with the channel where you are Cheering, known as Cheermotes.In order to use Cheers, you will have to purchase Bits through Twitch. Prices for Bits presently range from $1.54 for 100 Bits to $338.80 for 25,000 Bits. There is also a special one-time offer for first time buyers that awards 1,000 Bits for the reduced cost of $11.


Bits can be paid for via Amazon and PayPal payments.However, if you don’t want to pay for your Bits, you can always get a handful of them (at least five) by simply watching an ad. To do this, go to a stream on Twitch and next to the Emote icon next to where you type your messages for the chat, you should see the little Bits icon (it looks like a triangle). Click on this and at the top, you’ll see the option to watch short ads for Bits. 7 occult money rituals: the keys to authentic financial magick.pdf. Do this, and you’ll slowly but surely be able to accrue a nice handful of them without a problem.For more information on Twitch and many other streaming websites, make sure to check out Twinfinite’s extensive range of guides and news.


Twitch Mod List

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