How To Upgrade Weapons In Starbound

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This page is a work in progress. Feel free to help fill in the rest of the informationThese items can be used to cause damage to monsters, or other players in multiplayer PVP.Tiering in Avali weapons is shown plainly, with the number being the tier of the weapon. Some weapons, like the Dire Shard, have special modifiers to their tier (Ex.: VB-XLA2 Dire Shard, for the tier 6 weapon crafted at the Accelerator Table)All guns of the same type (Ex., AM1 Firelance and AM5 Firelance) have the same graphics.

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How To Upgrade Weapons In Starbound

Contents GunsAll guns are crafted at the Avali Weapon Workbench. Data Chits have been removed and Gun upgrades are not currently present in game.FM# FirelanceThis 2-handed weapon fires like a sniper rifle.

The Firelance's primary fire is a single, high-damage round in a straight line. The Firelance also has a Grenade Launcher secondary fire.Primary fire uses 45.9 Energy per shot, Seconday fire uses 50 Energy per gernade.Values are per shot. Damage is primary fire. Damage2 is secondary fire.TierDPSDamageRoFDamage2RecipeFM18.5 Iron Bar, 250 PixelsFM212.8230.613.518 Tungsten Bar, 250 PixelsFM3178 Titanium Bar, 250 PixelsFM421.338.30.622.518 Durasteel Bar, 250 PixelsFM525.56 Refined AegisaltFM629.853.60.631.516 Refined Aegisalt, 16 Solarium StarAR# BlizzardThis is the Avali's assault rifle.


Held in 2 hands, it fires a stream of bullets at the mouse position. The secondary fire is a flashlight toggle.Primary fire uses 5 Energy per shot.Currently Unavailable: Using 250 Pixels and an Avali Data Chit, any AR# can be upgraded to fire different rounds. The AR#-HE fires rounds that explode on impact, while the AR#-R fires rounds that can rebound twice off walls.Values are per shot. Damage is primary fire.TierDPSDamageRoFRecipeAR110.51.76.312 Iron Bar, 200 PixelsAR215.82.56.312 Tungsten Bar, 200 PixelsAR3213.46.312 Titanium Bar, 200 PixelsAR426.34.26.312 Durasteel Bar, 200 PixelsAR531.556.312 Refined AegisaltAR636.85.96.316 Refined Aegisalt, 16 Solarium StarMG# HailstormThis is a 2-handed a mini-gun.

The rounds fire rapidly, but individually do little damage. Primary fire is a stream of bullets. Secondary fire is a short range blast/burst.Primary fire uses 0.9 Energy per shot. Secondary fire uses 50 Energy per blast.TierDPSDamageRoFDamage2RecipeMG160.513.31016 Iron Bar, 150 PixelsMG290.713.31516 Tungsten Bar, 150 PixelsMG3120.913.32016 Titanium Bar, 150 PixelsMG4151.113.32516 Durasteel Bar, 150 PixelsMG5181.313.33016 Refined AegisaltMG6211.513.33516 Refined Aegisalt, 16 Solarium StarPD# FrostbiteThe Avali's pistol. Fires automatically.TierDPSROFDamageEnergyRecipeQRC Type-#A shotgun most useful in close quarters.TierDPSROFDamageEnergyRecipeMeleeUnlike the guns, each melee weapon has a different graphic for each tier. HH# Frost (Dagger). P-# Hail (Throwing spear).

SK# Glacier (Hammer). VB-XL# Dire Shard (Broadsword). VB# Shard (Shortsword). VL# Icicle (Spear).