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Often Streets & Trips users say the program is not loud enough. Once I actually did a side-by-side comparison of DeLorme Street Atlas and Microsoft Streets & Trips. SA is so much louder than S&T. Other programs seem to be louder than S&T, too.The above aside, Terry has very good suggestions.There are also differences between laptops. Some are louder than others.Recently at least two different manufacturers announced netbooks which will include an FM transmitter, so users will be easily able to wirelessly connect them to the speaker system of their cars or trucks.

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The choice of the term headphone was probably inappropriate. Using ones that could block out other sounds could be dangerous, and possibly illegal. Since you only need to hear a direction every once in a while, a single earpiece might be a better choice.There are a variety of small 12v or battery powered FM transmitters available these days due to the popularity of mp3 devices. I have several including one from Canadian Tire built into a light duty invertor.Generally you plug the laptop sound output into the transmitter, set the frequency to something unused in your location and tune your car radio to the same frequency. If you are in a large city, it might be difficult to find an unused frequency.

Also, as you move from one location to another, you may have to change the frequency as other stations appear on your FM band.Terry. Musta hit the wrong button!If you play a DVD movie on your laptop and plug this puppy in your Macho stero - Presto - Theatre Sound Surround! Cost of cassette adapter - $19.95 @ WallMart.Cost of FM adapter - $68 to $99.

Your choice!I had one of those cassette adapters. On a long trip the clicking drove me crazy after a few hours, so I tossed it in the trash at the next fuel stop.

That was a few years ago so maybe they've figured out a way to stop that clicking as the capstan in the tape deck spins.Of course my vehicle now has a CD player in it so a cassette adapter wouldn't work anyway. The Belkin FM unit I have now was Cdn$32 and does a nice job.The problem with either of these is that you can't listen to the radio. That's okay if you would rather listen to MP3s off the computer, but if you really want to listen to the radio you're out of luck.ken. The earphone idea is best, in my opinion.

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You don't need to spend the big bucks. Get a small in-the-ear earphone and only wear it in one ear. You can even take it out a great deal of the time because your program can tell you how far til the next event. When you're getting close, put the earphone in. You certainly don't need it on long stretches with no turns, etc. You probably already have a single earphone around the house somewhere. If you spend more than about $2.00 for one, however, you've spent too much.Wearing headphones that go on the ears or cover the ears can be dangerous.


Hp Laptop Speakers Not Working

You need to be aware of sounds around you.