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MapKilling floor 2 nightmare map crash

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Every single time on new Xbox One X using the game on an external SSD drive it crashes when playing online with nightmare map. However if I play offline by myself I can run the nightmare map no problem. Doing a complete uninstall reinstall right now but I have a feeling this is related to server and network issues in that map. Friends have also had regular crashing on other maps. Also finding games in multiplayer is broken.

If I select West Coast which is where I live it will never find anyone to play with, ever. I have to leave it on US Central. A lot of shit to fix guys. Pretty disappointing. I was playing this on PC for a long time and looked forward to finally playing it with all my friends who only have consoles. Mouse for autocad forum.

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In fact I bought it for five different friends, kind of a waste of a gift there.