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One of the during check-in is providing return ticket or onward ticket to the airlines and immigration. This is a basic requirement by the majority of the countries as many become stricter with their policies.This is not an issue if you have a fixed schedule and itinerary. But for someone like me who doesn’t know which country I will fly from going back to my country or not even knowing when I’m going home usually, this poses as a big issue to me. Unless of course, I am willing (every time) to shell out extra money for a cheap return ticket that I won’t use just to have something to show.And here’s why I came up of just creating fake return ticket for a small fee.I heard people who use old tickets and edit them through PDF editor or any basic editing software. It’s a cool idea but for a noob like me, this is a serious threat to my brain’s equilibrium. This is why I researched for other ways to do it without complicated editing and found this website that helps me for my dummy return ticket problems.So here are the step-by-step instructions on how to create a fake flight ticket without editing skill.

You can also get verifiable flights tickets from easily for a small fee. Do not use the same airline as your outbound ticket for your dummy ticket for the obvious reason that airline can easily check your record to their system.B. Use a different airport/ origin/ country from your outbound ticket. For example, when I went to Europe, my outbound flight is Manila-Prague via. I created a fake return ticket that originated from, (not Prague) to Manila via Bangkok. This is because normally round-trip ticket is cheaper and it’s unusual to use a different airline if you’re just going to fly out from the same airport of your destination. So to avoid suspicion, better use a different flight origin.Step 4: Enter your name and email.

Make A Fake Ticket

Afterward, click on “buy”.Step 5: Enter your payment details on the pop-up form.Step 6: After the payment, you will get a success message with instruction. Just click on the “download your ticket” button. The link will direct you to a pdf file. You can just download it and save on your computer or print it.

Custom Ticket Maker

The system will also send you an email with an attached pdf for your dummy ticket.I have used this website on my trips to Europe, and Central America and immigrations and airlines really scrutinized them so I can really recommend that this trick works. I also created rushed fake airline ticket for my cousin and her boyfriend when they flew in from Saigon to and the airline won’t let them in without onward tickets.

So to the rescue, I used a similar process and in less than 10 minutes I managed to send the fake flight tickets to their emails and they were able to fly.However, please be reminded that you can not use a dummy ticket for visa application and when using dummy flight ticket, you are at risk of getting caught and you might face possibilities of getting offloaded from your flight or worse. So please use it with caution.For visa application, I highly recommend this website. You can reserve flights with just a click of a button for just a small fee and without the risk of paying a full price for airline tickets. The flight reservation is also verifiable from the airlines directly. This is very important for your visa application because you will be denied if your ticket is fake.Below is a sample of flight reservation I got from the travel website. I’ve used the company for the past 5 years so I can attest that it’s legitimate.

Hi Efren – yes. And falsifying documents for visa is one of the biggest pet peeves of embassies and this can cause not only denial of visa but also a ban. A dummy ticket will work best if it’s just for immigration purposes since they will just look at it and they won’t be able to check it with airlines since that’s not time efficient. And which is why, we also recommend not using the same airline as your outbound because the airline (upon check in) will be able to check if you really have a flight with them as your return. Which country are you planning to use this for?

This article is for those users who want to prank their friends. There can be some situation where you want to prank your friends and make them sure that you literally took that flight. But in reality you're not going to travel in any airplane. Now most of the people might be thinking to create fake boarding pass using adobe photoshop. Let me clear you one thing the method which I am going to demonstrate is far better than using photoshop. It doesn't need any kind of technical skills.

Also it won't take hours to create fake plane ticket similar to photoshop.Generate Fake Airline Ticket Boarding PassThere's an online tool called to generate original looking airline ticket in seconds. Now you don't have any need to spend hours and test your photoshop skills.

How To Make A Fake Ticket For A Present

It's a 3 steps process which wouldn't take more than two minutes. Simply enter your name, departure city, destination city, flight date, boarding time and select an airline. Currently they are offering 33 different airlines to choose from.Believe me! Boarding pass looks real. The only reason behind it is that it contain airline logo, bar code and every small information. Once you're done, you can save it as either.png or.jpg format. Also you can email your first class ticket to your friends.How To Generate Fake Airline Ticket.

Navigate to their website from. Enter all the required information such as name, from, to, flight date, boarding time, airlines and click on submit button.Insert Passenger Details. Now simply email it or save it on your system.Email Save Ticket. Prank your friends with this fake airplane ticket.