Mass Effect 2 Paragon Cheat Pc

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Mass Effect 2 Trainer (Cheat Engine) This trainer for Mass Effect should work for almost all versions and updates of the game and includes cheating options for Unlimited Money (Credits), Health (God Mode) making Shepherd invulnerable, Unlimited Ammo, Squad Points, allowing you to level up all your squad members, unlimited resources for research (Iridium, Palladium, Platinum, Element Zero), Unlimited Probes and Fuel for the Normandy and even an option to set your Paragon and Renegade levels. As always we recommend that you do not use the God Mode in your first play through, since it takes away a lot from the game.

  1. Mass Effect 2 Paragon Cheat Pc Game

Give yourself 200k at the start of the game credits and enjoy a noticeable advantage without ruining your experience.In order to learn how to use this trainer, you can head over to our tutorial section and watch the tutorial on. The trainer has been tested with different versions of the game and has always been found to be at least partially working.

Cheats for Mass Effect 2 on the PC and Hidden Gameplay Tips, Achievements, Secrets Locations, Armour Secrets, Bonuses and Extra points and Skills. Although there is no cheat menu but you can perform few cheats on PC version, to know how to do it, read on.PC Cheats:Although there is no cheat menu, if you can modify the Coalesced.ini genuine will be in folder 'USERMass Effect 2BioGameConfigPCCooked'. Remember to make a copy of the original.Remove recharge:. AmmoPerShot=1 to AmmoPerShot=0.

Infinite Ammo: Change bInfiniteAmmo=true to bInfiniteAmmo=false. More life: Change Health=1500 Health=X where X is the value you want. More medigel: Change MaxMedigel=1 to MaxMedigel=9.

More probes: Change MaxProbes=30 MaxProbes=90. More fuel: Change MaxFuel=1000 to MaxFuel=3000.Hidden Gameplay TipsMass Effect Character:If you export a character from the first game starting at level 2 will get more resources, bonus points or default under depending on you to have. Also according to the achievements and the level of your character will add to these rewards.Geth Rifle:It's in the room where you find Tali. You must be maximum on Hard difficulty, but remember that you can change it once you pick up the gun.Dinner with Kelly Chambers:If you talk enough with Kelly Chambers and treat it well, you get to talk to her for a romantic dinner. If you choose to send sufficient reinforcements at the end of the game to protect your troops, you will receive an email after finishing his game.Legion dance:Go up to Legion in his quarters. Highlight him, but do not talk to him, and eventually he will do the 'Robot' dance.Getting Dominate ability and keeping Samara aliveDominate is one of the useful Biotic ability (much similar to Hack Ability), which allows players to have a control over organic enemies and turn them into allies.


In order get this Dominate ability players needs to help Morinth Kill Samara during Samara's Loyalty mission.There is other way also by which players can get the Dominate ability keeping Samara on your team. Play Samara's Loyalty mission but only upto the point where Samara confronts Morinth, than save the game immediately after confrontation. Now when you were ask to choose who to eliminate, you choose the option which allows Morinth get the upper hand on Samara and kill her.

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Create a separate saved game file. Now Navigate to the ship and talk to Morinth. Load the previous game which you saved and then have Samara Kill Morinth.Now you will be having Samara in your team as well as Morinth's Dominate ability when you select a bonus Loyalty Power to add to your character in prototype upgrade section.Romancing Yeoman Kelly ChambersHave a talk with Yeoman Kelly Chambers and select kind responses. When you get the option of invitation, invite het to dinner. During the final mission do not let her die and choose the option loyal escort for the crew in the final scene.

Mass Effect 2 Paragon Cheat Pc Game

After you complete the game have a word with kelly, you will receive a email from her. Now go to your quarter and invite her up using your console to have a romance sceneAchievementEasy 'No One Left Behind' achievementFor getting No One Left Behind Achievement refer to following guide for it.if you have finish the game but after landing on the Collector Ship someone died, select someone else.

At the last part of your gameplay where you choose someone else for one last time, dp not select someone without loyalty because they won't survive. Instead leave them with a loyal company.To make things more clear for you here is an example: If you loose Tali's Loyalty and took her to the last part of mission and she dies then reload the game and leave her in the company of everyone else. You will than have 'No One Left Behind Achievements'.Secrets LocationsList of planets with anomalies locations.