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For a company that created Internet Explorer, Microsoft's at just about everything I throw at it. Compared to Chrome, however, what Microsoft’s revamped browser lacks is simplicity straight out of the box.Yes, I'm talking about about those huge favicons and distracting news headlines that flash across the screen whenever I open Microsoft Edge or launch a new tab.And thanks to that, I often find myself flicking through cat pics on Instagram or reading what Donald Trump was up to instead of getting some work done.

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Microsoft Edge Shortcut Icon Blank

Not good when it comes to productivity.However, hope isn't lost just yet. I found out that removing my list of Top Sites and suggested news feed permanently is more than possible. If you hate these distractions, let's see how you can do that as well! Removing Top Sites and News FeedNew tabs feature both Top Sites and suggested news articles, both of which are highly distracting. The former provides a list of sites that come pre-installed by default, with frequently visited sites shown subsequently after using the browser for a while.The latter is just a major nuisance, bombarding you incessantly with news feed from MSN — suggested articles also show up on the startup page, requiring a slightly different procedure to get rid of it.

Microsoft edge desktop icon blank

New TabsWhile Microsoft Edge propagates its new tabs with a double-barrage of distractions, the browser is considerate enough to provide us with not one, but two ways to disable these annoyances.The first method involves opening the Edge menu — click those 'three dots' on the top-left corner — and then clicking Settings.Now, simply open the pull-down menu under Open New Tabs With.Select A Blank Page to disable both Top Sites and the suggested news feed. Note: Just like with the first method, select Top Sites if you only want the suggested news feed gone from your new tabs. Startup PageThe startup page that Microsoft Edge shows at launch doesn’t display Top Sites, only suggested content.

Microsoft Edge Icon Blacked Out

While that sounds better, it's actually not — the distracting news feed is straight up at your face right from the get-go, which somehow feels even worse.Since the new tab settings don't work for the startup page, you need to hide the news feed using a separate set of settings.To do that, click the gear-shaped Customize icon to the top left-corner of the news feed on your startup page.On the Customize screen, check the box next to Hide My News Feed, and then click Save. Note: Rather than completely hiding the news feed, you can also choose to instead disable certain widgets such as Weather, Sports, and Money using the respective toggles on the Customize screen. Enabling Top Sites and News FeedsIf you miss your Top Sites and suggested news feed, turning them on is way easier than disabling them. Just click the Show Top Sites or Shows News Feed options to the bottom of any startup on new tab page and Microsoft Edge is more than willing to oblige.And yes, the changes are permanent and show up even after restarting your browser. Talk about being persistent! On MobileOn the, you don’t have the luxury of disabling Top Sites permanently. Instead, the best you can do is to individually delete the tiles and repeat once they fill in automatically.

I have been using Microsoft Edge for around 8 months now.While at the beginning none of my favorites in the favorite bar had an icon, after a few days the icons started to be display. However, it is in the state as shown in the picture below since then.

Microsoft Edge Icon Blank On Desktop

I can remove and re-add the favorites but the icons for these sites are never shown. The icons of the same sites are properly shown in current versions of Firefox and Chrome. I am using Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0 on Windows 10 Anniversary. I have 40 favorites where only 20 of them have proper icons instead of stars. The websites connected to these favorites include YouTube, Amazon, Xing, heise, Steam, Twitch and others. To add to @Egray's answer, use it as follows:. Make a note of the Favorites that don't have the proper icon, then close the Edge browser.

Open EdgeManage and click on the + by 'Favorites Bar' to open the list of your entries. Dbz revival of f download free. Tick the ones that have the icon missing. Click the Utilities tab and choose Generate icons.

It takes a few minutes. Open Edge and the missing icons should be there!I am delighted to say that the great little utility, Edge Manage, did the trick for me.

A big thank you to the author who provided this!