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I do not know what to do in the game now. I have a decent army.

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I have done quite a few quests although I avoid some like rescue people from castles and gather a certain number of a certain type of prisoner or military unit.So far I am a merc and one kingdom now hates me (the sea blue one) because the one I am working for went to war with them. I have a few industries going and am in the green each week. I won several tournaments (Jousting sucks).

I am still running around following the marshals armies or just talking to guild masters about jobs. I found out talking to nobles about jobs is risky because if you decline, they get pissed off (you lose faction).So where do I go from here? Bandits are no challenge. How do I progress to the next level?


I am currently level 13 I think. I have been focusing on melee weapons and have a healer and trainer, and trader specialists. I have a few other NPCs who are just warrior types. Now, you can do a few things - Keep building your army as a mercenary, capture lords and set them free again for NO ransom, which gives you honor and reputation with them.

You are going to need it.Swear fealty to a kingdom - Do the above as well, but now you may actually get a town or a keep for your actions. Be aware you will no longer be paid, but get a village with your title.Go rebel - REally really hard to do, but leave any kingdom you work for, capture a town or a castle, and take it for your up, defend against the 1200-1500 men that will come to destroy you every few weeks!Remember, location is key here- taking an out of the way fort is good, preferably in a location that is hard to get to for as many factions as possible.Its hard, but awesome fun to build your own army. By setting lords free, you gain trust with them, once it reaches close to 100, you should start hiring them after you capture them - do this by setting them free, and there will be an option to make them swear fealty to you.edit: btw, you are playing the standard game, right? I’d recommend Prophesy of Pendor as an awesome alternative, but its pretty hard as well. If you are a mercenary for a kingdom, you will ALWAYS get more money than needed for upkeep of your army, so thats no issue.Talk to a lord of the faction you are mercenarying for, he will direct you to the king, or talk to the king directly. If you have done enough work for them, he will offer you a title.A village gives you income instead of the mercenary pay you used to pay. You can also improve the village through buying improvements.As for defendingwell, thats the big thing - You need a LOT of men yoursel, and you need elites to do so.Have you fought other lords yet?

I fought one lord who was weaker then me. Most of them are stronger then me. However he escaped. A tool tip said they tend to escape most of the time.I do not want to strike it out on my own this being a first time playing it (well its my third start). Two kingdoms dont like me.

I should raise up my troops and attack their lords?Anyway, on becoming a vassle, what army size should I have before I do this? What do I ask the lord to become a vassle? I didn’t recall that option.

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The king I have been dealing with is mostly neutral. He doesn’t like it when I turn down quests. My army is size 40 at the moment with a max of 55. Upkeep is like 750 a week though.I really suck in combat. I just can’t hit anything from a horse it seem. In my experience with vanilla Warband, the mercenary pay you get covers around 20-40% of your upkeep, and you have to make up the difference elsewhere.

Mount And Blade How To Release Prisoners

A few entrepreneurial ventures in some select cities can usually do the trick if looting and pillaging isn’t your thing.The easiest path to becoming a vassal is to get on the king’s good side. Go hunt him down and accept whatever quest he is offering, no matter how lame it is.

Complete it and do another. Once your relationship with the king is good enough, you can pledge your sword to him and he’ll let you swear an oath of fealty so you can become a vassal. If the king doesn’t really like you that much (and he’s the only one with any say in the matter, so focus on him) then he’s sure as hell not going to give you any land in his kingdom.Just as an aside, some lords (Lord Etrosq of the Rhodoks, for example) take it as a personal insult if you release them after capturing them, and you get a huge penalty to your relationship with them after the fact. Most lords appreciate being let go, but some will take it very personally.

When in doubt, though, I just let everyone go. AFAIK, kings accepting your vassalage is only based on whether you have a positive rep with them, and if your renown is high enough.

Mount And Blade Free Download

From the wikia:As you progress through Mount and Blade, your character will earn more and more renown. Your character’s renown is basically how well known he or she is throughout Calradia.You can gain renown in a number of ways:Winning battles - The more the odds are stacked against you, the more renown you will earn.Winning TournamentsCompleting quests/missionsHolding successful FeastsRenown is important as it affects a number of things, such as whether you can join a faction. The base requirement to join a faction is 160, although this can be lowered if your relationship with the faction’s king is higher. To be able to help a claimant gain control of one of the factions, you need 200 renown. Renown heavily affects your party size.Also, I think you have to wait out your mercenary contract to get the option to swear vassalage, but I might be off on that.

It’s been a long time since I’ve played native. So I was playing this some more last night trying to figure out what to do.

Mount And Blade Rescue Prisoner Bug

The kingdom I am vassal of has been a peace for a long time. I have done a few escort caravans, rescue ransomed people and other quests from the guild masters.The various nobles will not give me quests saying they have tasks, but not for a vassal of the kingdom (I wanted to raise my faction with them).I tried chasing some desert raiders, but they outrun me. I can’t catch mounted troops. I spent some skills in pathfinding, but its going take quite a few levels for me to get much more speed unless there is another way.I have plenty of gold, I make like 2.5k a week after expenses. I can increase that with a few more of those velvet workshops. I currently can have 66 people in my party. I plan or spending the next bunch of levels raising charisma to gain as much leadership as possible, however that is hard because there isn’t much for me to do.My question is: What do I do from here?

Its hard to fight we are not at war, ever bandit group runs (and even if you catch them, its not a challenge). I did think about intervening in a foreign war such as two factions I am neutral with are fighting and I would join in on one side or the other. However I do not know the consequences of such actions and as of yet I have not come across a melee in progress I can join anyway. DeepT:I tried chasing some desert raiders, but they outrun me. I can’t catch mounted troops.

I tried out Prophesy of Pendor and I can definitely say that mercenary wages are a lot higher than in vanilla. With a full party of 80-ish troops I was getting paid 5000 denars a week for a 1500 denar profit after wages.So in PoP, definitely hire on as a mercenary. There’s absolutely no reason not to and it will make you a ton of money. Also, when the game asks if you want to sign up for another four weeks at the end of your term say no, then go find a lord who’s hiring mercenaries and sign up again and you’ll get another signing bonus.