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Dear sirssome weeks ago, I bought a cnc contoler Board with usb on the internet.the software cncusb was there.after update to the software the License was no longer usable (evaluation version)After some searching on forums I have come to the conclusion that this is a chineese clone.I'm totally new in the cnc world and my question to you guys is.What can I do to solve this i get the activation key from you? Il would pay for it no is what i see when i connect the driver boardaktivation code controler board: MUEU-xxxx-xxxx-WWBTserial:055497regardsBruneel Rudi Belgium Posts: 2 Joined: 16 Sep 2014, 18:14. Hello all,Thanks for nice USB CNC controller boards.I just bought MK2/4 board (original one via eBay seller, advertised that it comes with Software key)Seller said to get the key, contact Planet-cnc support.I did not found any e-mail address to send this, so I put information here, if's that is OK?Controller board codeLUBK-xxxx-xxxx-XIYJ(I sensored off middle codes, that seems to be the way here in forum)Serial: 004805 MK2RegardsMarkku S. Posts: 1 Joined: 13 Jul 2015, 11:04 Controller: Mk2/4.

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Question #:724Question:THEY ARE ASKING FOR THE ACTIVATION CODE AND SERIAL NUMBER USB BOARD. HOW CAN GET THAT INFORMATION? Current SolutionTo get the activation code, all you need to do is plug the USB board into the computer using a USB cable, go to machine - firmware - update.

After the firmware is updated the program will present to you a dialog box containing the activation code. Additional Information: Additional Information: Additional Information: Additional Information: Additional Information: Additional Information: Additional Information: Additional Information: Additional Information: Additional Information: Additional Information: Additional Information: MUVX-UFGX-ILDA-PMTI Additional Information: Additional Information: Additional Information: MUDO-CBVK-WHUD-RQNB Additional Information: MUSE-CNES-GCUK-INUS Additional Information: Additional Information: MUVX-UFGX-ILDA-PMTI Respond:Other Possible Solutions to this Question. There are two things to consider when using two stepping motors on a single axis. Since you want both motors to spin at the same rate and possibly in the same direction, you need to connect both motor drivers to the same breakout board pins. For example, if you want two motors on the x-axis and the x-axis pins on the breakout board are #2 for step and #3 for direction, the #2 will connect to the step (cp) terminal on each driver and the #3 will connect to the dir (cw) terminal on each driver. However, if the motors will be opposing (one motor will need to spin in the other direction), you will need to consider either flipping the rack on one side, or adding a circuit to invert the direction (#3) signal going to that driver.Click the link to respond:. Information regarding influenza surveillance is available October through May from the CDC influenza website at

In addition, periodic updates about influenza are published in the MMWR. State and local health departments should be consulted regarding availability of influenza vaccine, access to vaccination programs, information about state or local influenza activity, and for reporting influenza outbreaks and receiving advice regarding their control.Click the link to respond:. We currently can only control the On/Off of the spindle via Mach 3 and through our Parallel Interface Board.

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We have the listed instructions on our Parallel Interface Board webpage, will be a easy job that will included 2 wires (18-24g wire will be fine) from your inverter(VFD) to the location of your Parallel Interface Board. Parallel Interface Board webpage: In regards to our USB Interface Board, we are currently working on a prototype board that will allow the same On/Off capability with Planet-CNC. Prototype Board currently not available as of yet.Click the link to respond:. To home the z-axis using a plate: - Connect the end mill using a large clamping device like an alligator clip with a wire connected to GND. Connect the plate (solder a wire to the plate) to one of the input pins.

You can use the autoset to setup that pin in Mach3 simply by touching the two together once connected to the pin and GND. Alternatively, the end mill can be connected to the pin and the plate connected to GND as long as there becomes a complete circuit when the end mill touches the plate. To setup homing for the Planet-CNC homing and limits, go to the Planet-CNC Machine setup page which explains the process step by step: Customer Response: How do I get homing on z to work with planet cnc software using build your own usb board. I have gone to planet website and followed the instructions provided but my software will not allow entries in the required fields they are grayed out is it because I am not using planet-cnc's board, I have used this method for years with Mach3 and would like to use it with the usb board and software. Answer: Just received information from the developer. The instructions on how to use a plate for z-axis homing (moveable sensor) can be found here:Click the link to respond:.

BYCNC Response: This is correct. You will need to use a method appropriate for the software you are using. Also remember that NC switches are typically wired in series, while NO switches are normally wired in parallel. User Response: I am using the cnc planet software for your USB board. Are the limit configurations in this software?

BYCNC Response: Yes, Planet CNC software is compatible with the use of limit switches. Configuration information will depend on your specific application. You can view Planet CNC's information here:Click the link to respond:. The USB interfaces (The board shown at the link: ) that we well is already updated with the firmware, and tested with the planet-cnc software. Simply install the planet-cnc software and plug in the USB interface and the software will communicate with the board.

Additional Information: Windows 10 was not allowing the planet cnc software to install the proper drivers. Following the windows 8 reccomendations listed on the usb break out board page got the planet cnc and usb break out board communicating.Click the link to respond:. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the primary federal agency responsible for safety aspects of modern-day wireless telecommunications systems.

The FCC's Internet address is shown below. Recently FCC published an excellent report, cited below, to assist citizens and local governments dealing with siting of telecommuncations towers. This report contains charts and figures describing the characteristics and performance of telecommunications antennas. The report also contains practical guidance on application of provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which is the governing legislation regarding safety and siting of wireless telelcommunications facilities. Web page: RF Safety Program Page. Report title: 'A Local Government Official's Guide to Transmitting Antenna RF Emission Safety: Rules, Procedures, and Practical Guidance.' The Local and State Government Advisory Committee (LSGAC) and the FCC have developed this guide to aid local governmental officials and citizens in understanding safety issues related to radiofrequency emissions from telecommunications towers.

Gary Zeman, Sc.D., CHP Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryClick the link to respond:. The details will differ depending on the type of lead screw you use. Nmrih how to add addons. For allthread lead screws, you will need the 1/2' square nut, 1/2' allthread lead screw, two 1/4' screws and nuts to hold the square nut in place, two 1/2' ID bearings, two standard 1/2' nuts, and one coupling hub. Attach the square nut to the nut support using the two 1/4' screw and nuts.

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The bearings will need to be inserted into the seats of the lower and upper part of the z-axis. Insert the lead screw through the top bearing. Use one of the standard 1/2' nuts and start threading it on the allthread screw just below the bearing. Lower the lead screw to the square nut and start to screw the lead screw into the square nut. Continue until the screw is near the lower bearing. Add another standard 1/2' nut to the screw and keep turning the screw until the screw just passes the lower bearing. Add the coupling hub to the top of the screw just above the upper bearing.

Turn the lower and upper standard 1/2' nuts until they are snug against the bearing. If the standard 1/2' nuts become loosened, consider adding another nut to each end against the existing nut to keep them in place. For 1/2' acme 5 start lead screws, you will need to use an antibacklash nut in place of the square nut. This nut attaches with a flange using two #8 screws and nuts. The standard 1/2' nuts are replaced by clamping collars.Click the link to respond:.