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Ill try that but I highly doubt it. I capped this mainboard at the 16 gigs of memory it coudl support for a reason and im using 64 bit WIn 7. Physical memory shoudl never be an issue although Vram and the Windows OS irresistable urge to use it dispite not being able to manage it properly could still be an issue I suppose.If its worth mentioning I was watching my memory usage and a tthe time of the crash on a small map Sins was using up 1.1 gigsEdit: Nope restart didnt fix the CTD and Minidump.

Still happens at the exact same point. I have a couple saves on different sized maps all of them are no more than 11 mintues into their game and the game crashes within a minute of loading the game.Ive tried my damdest to find a program so I can read these minidumps to see if they give any clue as to whats wrong but I cant seem to get anything to work even the Win Debug thing thats supposed to do it i cant seem to get to work right.Whoops im an idiot who cant read version numbers. This mod is great. Originally posted by:minidumps are for devs, cant really do anything with them.


Sins Of Solar Empire Mods

This game is 32 bit, so how much RAM you have really does not matter past 2gb, as that is all the game can use. Well now something interesting I had just found out. While going to redownload Maelstrom I was looking through my downloads folder and found NOT a duplicate copy of MaelstromRebellion1.82R8 but in fact Maelstromrebellion1.52R6.Not Quite sure how I could miss click a download that badly and not notice but that is most definately an out of date version of the Mod. Redownloading R8 ATM hopefully in a few minutes or so this will be just a laughable memory.Godamn my face is red.Ya know looking back this is rather impressive considering I cannot find a download link for 1.52 R6 anywhere. Originally posted by:i only play like that personaly,and,with maelstrom,you realy have to much money,so,all planet are ultra well defended.

You can easily sit on tens of thousands of resources when you're hours into even a vanilla game, but that isn't the point here.When I say the whole fleet, I do mean a fully upgraded group of 150+ ships including level 10 capitals and Titan. It is quite impossible to deal with unless you match them in equivalent force. More than often I'd like to break my fleet into groups to maintain a better defense over all fronts. What i dont get is who an AI fleet sitting in an adjacent system to your fleet knows EXACTLY when to jump and attack your planet when your fleet leaves it behind.Also now that ive gotten to actually play the mod I've noticed a few balance issues, Pirate capital ships and Advent Dreadnaugts litterly vaporise shields and Hull points like its nothing.Though thats not too much different from Advent strike craft being the unseen death lazer toting ship melters from vanilla already.Still a fun mod though.