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Petrosian. retained his title in the, defeating in the 22nd game of the 24 game series in Moscow that had started on April 11.

Under the rules, a draw game counted as one-half of a point for each player, and the first to reach 12 points would win the match. Going into the game, Petrosian had an 11 to 10 lead based on three wins and 16 draws. After several postponements, was launched into orbit at 9:39 a.m. From Cape Kennedy carrying astronauts and, but was not able to dock with the Augmented Target Docketing Adapter (ATDA) that replaced the Agena vehicle, after discovering that the ATDA's shroud had not jettisoned. Born:, Pakistani cricketer named as the in 1992 for his bowler abilities; in. Died:, 65, American silent film actress, 1966 (Saturday).

The voted, 15-8, to authorize President to send 2,000 soldiers to South Vietnam. With that action, became the fourth nation to join the United States in entering the, along with South Korea, Australia and New Zealand., the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, published a warning to all of China's citizens, declaring that 'Anyone who opposes Chairman Mao Tze-tung, opposes Mao Tze-tung's thoughts, opposes the party central leadership, opposes the proletariat's dictatorship, opposes the correct way of socialism, whoever that may be, however high may the position, and however old his standing, will be struck down by the entire Party and the entire people.'

The editorial, carrying the title 'A Big Revolution to Touch People to Their Innermost Being' encouraged people for the first time to physically attack political deviants, and came one day after most of the party leaders in the city of Beijing were dismissed for being 'an anti-Party, anti-socialist, counterrevolutionary group which had been exposed during the socialist cultural revolution', including Mayor Peng Chen, considered at one time to be one of the most powerful men in China. Peng, who had been out of public view since April, was replaced by Li Hsueh-feng.

The United Kingdom dropped its space program because of increasing costs, withdrawing from the (ELDO), a coalition of seven nations whose goal was to place a communications satellite into orbit by 1970. Had been paying almost 40 percent of the costs, which had increased from $190,000,000 to $442,000,000. '. Born:, Italian mezzo-soprano, in. Died:., 62, during the., 58, American organic chemist, 1966 (Sunday). made the second American (and only the third ever), spending a record two hours and seven minutes outside of the capsule as it orbited the Earth.

During the time between Cernan's departure from the capsule at 10:59 a.m. Florida time, and his return at 1:06 p.m., the spacecraft made one complete orbit, which some likened to Cernan making a walk around the world. The Gemini craft landed safely the next day. 's Prime Minister announced a devaluation of 36.5% of the national currency, the, as a measure of fighting inflation and promoting exports, but without consultation with other leaders of her political party, and, as one observer would note, 'despite her complete lack of knowledge on matters relating to money and economics' Rupees that had previously been worth $0.21 American were now worth 13 cents; and an American dollar that previously exchanged for 4.75 rupees was now buying 7.5 rupees. Rather than increasing exports and their value, the devaluation would have the opposite effect. in the 150 seat. The, led by Prime Minister, won 35 of the vacancies to increase its control over both houses of parliament.

Died:, 63, British colonial administrator who governed from 1947 to 1954, 1966 (Monday). The day after African-American activist began his ', walking the 235 miles from, to, to 'tear down the fear that grips Negroes in Mississippi', he was shot from ambush. Near the town of, Aubrey James Norvell came out from underneath a culvert on U.S. Highway 51, aimed his 16-gauge shotgun, and fired three blasts at Meredith, striking him in the head, right shoulder and leg.

Because Norvell had loaded his gun with, Meredith's wounds were not life-threatening. Norvell was arrested by the and several deputies, although a witness said that the police had done nothing to stop the sniper when he had first appeared. Meredith was not alone in his march, and his was accompanied by five friends, as well as newsmen and police. One of the newsmen, took a photograph of Meredith, lying on the ground in pain, which also appears to show Aubrey James Norvell standing in a wooded area in the background.

The photo would later win the. Meredith would recover from his wound and rejoin the march before it reached Jackson. During his march, 4,000 African-Americans in Mississippi would register to vote. Norvell would be released from the Mississippi State Penitentiary after two years incarceration. struck, and the torrential rains that came in its wake killed 73 people in the small town of.

Thirty inches of rain fell on San Rafael over a period of a few hours, causing floods and landslides more than three feet deep. The hurricane then swept across Cuba and the Florida Keys. The United States Supreme Court reversed the murder conviction of Dr., almost twelve years after his wife had been found beaten to death in their home in. In an 8-1 decision, the Court ruled that Sheppard had been denied due process during the highly publicized proceedings, and ordered the state of Ohio to promptly retry the case, or to dismiss the charges. Justice wrote 'The fact is that bedlam reigned at the courthouse. The carnival atmosphere at trial could easily have been avoided since the courtroom and courthouse premises are subject to the control of the court.'

Four days later, prosecutor John T. Corrigan announced that his office would try Sheppard again in September. In his second jury trial, however, Sheppard would be found not guilty and would be released from after 12 years in prison, on November 16; he would die less than four years later, on April 6, 1970. Born:, in. Murdoc Faust Niccals (member of the modern band Gorillaz). Died:., 83, American silent film actress. Claudette Frady-Orbison, 25, wife of singer.

She and her husband were riding on a motorcycle at, when they were struck by a pickup truck, killing her and injuring him., 1966 (Tuesday). Husband-and-wife pilots completed their round-the-world airplane flight in five days, six hours, 16 minutes and 40 seconds, a record time for a propeller-driven plane. As their twin-engined, the Philippine Baron, landed safely The Wallicks, ranchers in, took off from at 8:00 on the morning of June 2 in hopes of beating the prior record of 8 days, 18 hours, 15 minutes set in 1961 by Max Conrad, and announced that their schedule would return them to Manila in 5 days, 3 hours and 58 minutes.

After 23,629 miles, the Wallicks landed back at the Manila airport at 2:16 p.m. And were greeted by a string band and 200 well-wishers. Died:., 79, Alsatian sculptor, painter, and poet., 57, British Army officer who defected to Nazi Germany and assisted in English-language propaganda broadcasts during World War II, 1966 (Wednesday). The and announced that they would, with all of the AFL teams becoming part of the NFL in 1970. The two leagues also agreed that each of their champions would meet in an annual title game. The 'AFL-NFL World Championship Game' would soon become known as the '.

Joplin. made her debut as a rock vocalist, appearing with at the in San Francisco. Members of the 'Mississippi White Knights', a gang within the, killed a 67 year old African-American man whom they had selected at random, as part of a larger plot to lure civil rights activist to for an assassination attempt.

The unfortunate pick was Ben Chester White, a sharecropper whom they lured into a car on the pretext of finding a missing dog. James Lloyd Jones drove White to a remote area of the. Claude Fuller, who had hatched the scheme, shot White multiple times with an automatic rifle, and Ernest Avants finished off the killing with a shotgun blast to White's head. Afterward, they realized that Jones's car now had bullet holes and blood stains, so the gang set fire to the vehicle so that it could not be identified. Police quickly traced the vehicle's owner and arrested Jones, who confessed to the crime the next morning and named his accomplices.

All three men would escape conviction in state proceedings but, because the murder had been in a National Forest, Avants would be indicted decades later on federal charges and convicted of murder on February 28, 2003. And would die of heart disease a little more than a year later while in prison.

Died:., 54, British poet and novelist;., 69, American mobster with the Gambino family, 1966 (Saturday). The for New Zealand were announced. Recipients included businessman (knighted) and novelist, who was given the female equivalent of knighthood by being made a. Died:. (Samuel Jones Grundy), 68, English-born American film actor., 81, American opera singer, actor, and filmmaker., 71, Austrian figure skater who won two world championships with his partner., 86, American chemist who perfected a method of mass production of potash and iodine during World War One., 1966 (Sunday)., the USSR legislature consisting of the 767 member and the 750 member. Voters were presented with a yes-or-no choice for the slate of 1,517 candidates endorsed by the (CPSU).

Out of 143,917,031 votes cast, there were as many as 345,643 (0.2%) 'no' votes, against 143,570,976 'yes'. The, the first in a major city of the United States by, broke out in after city police shot and wounded a 20-year-old man, Cruz Arcelis. Over three days, 16 people were injured, one died, and more than 50 buildings in the Puerto Rican neighborhoods on the city's northwest side, near the intersection of Division Street and Damen Avenue, were destroyed. The was held at and was won by, with in second place. Died:, 74, Austrian conductor, 1966 (Monday). The admonition of rights that would become known as the ' became required in the U.S. After the ruling in by the that the police must inform of their constitutional rights before questioning them.

The 5-4 ruling, written by Chief Justice, set forth that before a suspect was questioned, he must be warned of his right to remain silent and his right to an attorney or his statements could not be admitted into evidence. The required warning that begins 'You have the right to remain silent.' Would ever after be named for, the suspect whose arrest made him the main petitioner in the Court case.

The collision of two trains in India, crowded with commuters, killed more than 100 people near Bombay. A northbound train, heading toward the suburb of was diverted to another track that was carrying a southbound train. was carried out in the as a 13-man reconnaissance team was landed by helicopter in the middle of the Valley on the small mountain of Nui Loc Son. In the next 24 hours, six more recon assets were deployed in different strategic sites, ringing the valley.

This enabled the teams to report on enemy activity and forward observe for ordnance payload delivery. One team worked its way south of Hiep Duc after the set up positions along the heavily wooded Hill 555. They spotted several groups of NVA forces of varying size that appeared to be training in the area.

Born:, Russian Soviet mathematician who proved the, and the; in, 1966 (Tuesday). The ruled that the reading of books, listed on the as banned by the Roman Catholic Church, would no longer be a violation of church law. The Index remained, however, and church members were advised that reading such books was still a sin.

Born:., Serbian pop music singer, in,., Chilean singer-songwriter, in, 1966 (Wednesday). In the at the, the 18 men of Charlie Company, a heavily outnumbered held off an attack by more than 400 well-disciplined and fighters, and inflicted large casualties on the enemy, losing 14 of their own, before being able to withdraw. One Marine officer later noted, 'This was an Alamo— with survivors.'

Gunnery Sergeant would be presented the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroism in the battle, fought at Nui Vu Hill. U.S. Secretary of Defense announced that 19,000 American military personnel were being removed from France in advance of that nation's withdrawal from NATO, and that about 300,000 tons of supplies would have to be moved, destroyed, or sold. U.S. President 's pet, 'Him', was accidentally run over by a car on a driveway at the.

The famous dog, who sometimes appeared in photographs of the President, ran into the path of one of the White House's limousines, while chasing a squirrel. Born:, Italian classical composer, pianist, and conductor, in, 1966 (Thursday). Black Power logo. after the British tanker MV Alva Cape collided with the American ship Texaco Massachusetts and caught fire, engulfing both ships and two adjacent tugboats (the Esso Vermont and the Latin American) in flames. The four ships were all sailing within the strait between New York and New Jersey. The Alva Cape was heading into the harbor of and carrying 143,000 barrels of highly flammable which it had taken on in Pakistan, while the American ship had unloaded its cargo at Newark and was empty. Another 100 men on the four ships were rescued from the flaming water.

The pilots of both tankships (M/V Alva Cape and M/V Texaco Massachusetts) were found to be at fault for the collision, although the pilot of the M/V Alva Cape was determined to be primarily at fault by the United States Coast Guard. The ' Movement in the United States came into national prominence when activist, leader of the, used it as the rallying cry for 1,500 African-American supporters of James Meredith's March Against Fear. Carmichael had been released from jail after being arrested for trespassing for erecting tents for the marchers on the grounds of the Stone Street Negro Elementary School in. 'Everybody owns our neighborhood except us,' Carmichael told the crowd in, where the majority of the population was black.

'We outnumber the whites in this county. We want black power. That's what we want.

Black power!' The marchers then took on the slogan as one of the slogans as they proceeded toward. Carmichael added that 'Every county courthouse in Mississippi should be burned tomorrow to get rid of the filth in them. The only to get justice is to get a black sheriff. The only thing we can do is take over.'

. The ceremony was hosted. Hurricane Carter. Three people were murdered in the Lafayette Grill at 128 East Eighteenth Street in. Hours later, police stopped professional boxer, who was with a friend in a white car and, five months later, Carter would be charged, tried and convicted of the triple homicide.

For the next 19 years, Carter would remain imprisoned for a crime that he hadn't committed, until the case would be reopened and the conviction reversed in 1985. Carter, at one time the leading contender for the world middleweight boxing championship, would pass away in 2014. Died:, 58, American author of the Career Story for Older Girls series of juvenile fiction books, 1966 (Saturday). The Parliament of France passed Law #66-396, granting for crimes that had been committed during the between 1954 and 1962, and the between 1946 and 1954. Helms. The U.S., Admiral resigned.

Raborn's deputy, was appointed as the new chief of the and would be confirmed by the Senate and sworn in on June 30. Hilleman.

Dr. Announced the successful testing of the first, in an address to the American Therapeutics Society in Chicago. The inoculation had been developed from a strain of the virus that Dr. Hilleman had cultured from (and named for) his daughter, Hilleman, in 1963, and would become the standard immunization for the disease in the United States.

became the first Communist nation to enter into a diplomatic accord with the Roman Catholic Church, as with Yugoslavia and Vatican City agreeing to exchange representatives. The Holy See would have jurisdiction over the Catholic Church in Yugoslavia on spiritual, ecclesiastical and religious questions, and would in turn restrict its clergy from participating in Yugoslavia's political affairs.

After 160 years of constructing ships for the United States Navy, the was closed. The increasing size requirements for modern warships after World War II made BNY impractical, because the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge did not have sufficient clearance to allow newer vessels to pass underneath. Billing itself as 'the first and only year round, day and night ski resort in the United States', 'Ski Villa' opened in the Carbon Canyon, near, introducing a substitute for a snowy surface. Over a cement base, millions of interlocking tiles of plastic bristles were laid to create a sufficiently slick surface. Resort developer John Kramer had invested in the project after visiting a similar structure that had operated since 1963 in Japan at.

The 'earflap helmet' (on MLB player Jason Heyward in 2014). Major League Baseball player of the was hospitalized after being struck in the face by a pitched ball hurled by the ' sustaining the accident that would ultimately lead to the mandatory requirement of the in the major leagues. Starting with his return to action on July 4, Santo, who had sustained a broken cheekbone, wore the modified helmet for the rest of his career, and the idea gradually caught on, becoming mandatory in 1983. The ', started by one man, James H. Meredith, on June 6, came to a dramatic climax as more than 16,000 African-Americans (and a few hundred white supporters) arrived at the Mississippi State Capitol in Jackson.

Scp box of horrors. Welcome to the SCP - Box of Horrors Mod Wiki! Box of Horrors is a large compilation mod for SCP - Containment Breach, a free indie survival horror game based on the stories from the SCP Foundation. It is currently the most expansive and in-depth mod for SCP - Containment Breach. Just download vanilla SCPCB from the main page, drag and drop the Box of Horrors files into the SCP:CB directory and run the modded exe. May 29, 2016 - The box of horror is a compilation mod, this pack contains: SCP-005 SCP-009 SCP-020 SCP-038 SCP-409 NEW Rooms New items Various.

Although the Capitol building itself was separated from the crowd by police and National Guardsmen who had been ordered to the area, the group packed the grounds and adjacent areas to hear the speakers. Meredith himself, who had been shot and hospitalized the day after he began his quest, addressed the assembly from a platform on a flatbed truck. 'It's true that we got some mean white folks in Mississippi,' Meredith told listeners, 'but these people can be decent. There is only one thing that is holding them back. And that thing is the system of white supremacy.' He noted that he had been shot, 'but as you can see here, that didn't end a thing.' , 1966 (Monday).

Frank Zappa., a daytime billed initially as 'the first television program styled in the tradition of the gothic novel' made its debut on the ABC television network at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time.

On the first installment of the 'romantic suspense' series, Victoria Winters came to the small fishing village of Collinsport, Maine, to become the governess of a 10-year-old boy, and took up residence at a gloomy Victorian mansion, 'Collinwood', operated by the Collins family matriarch. The show was initially panned by critics but would feature supernatural plots after its first ten months, with ghosts, a vampire (Barnabas Collins), a witch (Angelique) and a werewolf (Quentin), and the setting gradually shifted from the 20th century to the past and the future, including the year 1995. By 1969, Dark Shadows would become the highest-rated daytime program in the United States, running until April 2, 1971. and released their debut album,.

Initially, the record album was a commercial failure, but after Zappa's rise to fame, Freak Out would gain a massive cult following and become a major seller in subsequent years. Born:, American film and television director, and co-creator of the TV series, in New York City, 1966 (Tuesday).

General Ongania. In, a deposed president in a bloodless coup, and appointed retired General to replace him.

Illia, who had refused the day before to resign, quietly left the and departed for exile in Uruguay. General Ongania and the other junta members (Army Lieutenant General Pascual Pistarini, Rear Admiral Benigno Varela, and Air Force Brigadier General Adolfo Alvarez) said that they acted because President Illia had not been assertive enough against supporters of exiled dictator. An elephant at the in, pulled a three-year-old girl through the bars of its cage and killed her. The child had squeezed underneath a chicken wire restraining fence after deciding to feed popcorn to the elephant.

The British naphtha tanker, whose cargo had exploded and killed 33 people on June 16, was being unloaded of its remaining volatile cargo when a new explosion killed four more people., which lies along the southern, a branch of the larger, was struck by 6.0 magnitude earthquake, its sixth in less than 110 years. Tremors of at least 6.0 had already shaken Parkfield on January 9, 1857; February 2, 1881; March 3, 1901; March 10, 1922; and January 8, 1934. Born:., American film actor ( ), in., American film actress ( ), in. Died:., 75, Turkish scholar and historian., 68, American artist, 1966 (Wednesday).

At 1:50 p.m. Local time, 16 fighter-bombers and 12 support aircraft took off from the aircraft carriers Constellation and Ranger to carry out the first American bombing of 's largest cities, striking at fuel and oil facilities near, the nation's second biggest city. Twenty-five minutes later, at 2:15, the U.S. Seventh Air Force struck at the capital, fuel storage tanks with 25. However, a CIA report two months later would conclude that the daring raids had escalated the war, but failed to have the expected impact, noting 'there is no evidence that the air strikes have significantly weakened popular morale.' . The first British was introduced, as Bank introduced the,.

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The executives of the voted 29-16 to end the merchant seamen's strike that had tied up British harbors for 43 days and left almost 900 ships at anchor. Ships began sailing again shortly after midnight on July 1.

tested its first missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, though an actual armed missile would not be launched until October 25. Flight 785 (a Douglas C-47A, registration PI-C17) crashed into a ravine near in a combination of bad weather and pilot error, killing 26 of the 28 people on board. The was established in., 1966 (Thursday). NOW co-founder Betty Friedan. With the goal of championing the cause of equal rights for women, the (NOW) was founded in Washington, D.C., at the close of the Third National Conference of Commissions on the Status of Women. And 27 other women paid the initial annual dues of five dollars to become the first members.

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's semi-decennial census took place. The count at year's end would show that the nation's population was 11,599,498; this showed an increase of almost exactly 10 percent (9.966%) from the 10,548,267 noted in 1961. France formally withdrew from the (NATO).