Star Wars Battlefront Lightsaber

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At first this game was designed around hoping you'd cave and buy loot boxes. At it's then current rate it'd of taken you eons to unlock everything. It was so bad However, the newest update makes the game feel like a true and fair progressive system and so no more loot boxes. Its a real shame they had to go full circle to get to this point. The game is amazing but i'm sure the masses have already written this off. Had this been the game we got at launch it would've of been a cult classic. I'd highly recommend this game in its current state.

This game has the potential to become as good as the original. Its developers have poured blood, sweat, and tears to try and satisfy what the players want while still appeasing EA's thirst for players' money. But apart from the egregiously unacceptable microtransaction system, the game has some major flaws. It fails to be either a competitive game or a casual game.

Star Wars Battlefront Lightsaber Battles

People who just want to sit back and enjoy playing a night of Star Wars can't because of the advantages other players (who have payed to win) have over them. Likewise the competitive player can't operate to his/her fullest because there is no squad system with which to coordinate maneuverers with friends. Furthermore, you can't pick what map or era you'd like to play on because there is no server browser, so if you want to play a match of Clone Wars you can only hope that the one you've been put in is the one you're looking for. Until all these issues are fixed, I would suggest not spending your money on this game yet. Submitted on 6/17/2019 Review title of Raidiant FluxStarting the game as a new player currently isn't funThe game isn't suitable or welcoming to new players. Simple as that. It has taken me weeks of getting destroyed by high or max level players to get to a point where I barely have a fighting chance.

The experience so far has been irritating and frustrating.nowhere close to fun. On top of that, the campaign lags at times (?). In some cases, this game has made improvements in certain areas over its predecessor, which is why this review isn't at one star, but in terms of gameplay, at any given time, I prefer SWBF1 over this 100%.

I don't recommend this game whatsoever, but go forth at your own will. Submitted on 4/20/2019 Review title of AesiiirIt's good for a while, I have a few recommendationsI havent played any of the neo-battlefronts until now 4/2019. I like it, I am a little baffled that there's no galactic conquest like in the original battlefront 2. It's a star wars simulator so its going to be fun regardless, but given that-it's a little uninspired, and empty. They should seek out ideas to reform the game with a twitter contest or something. The Bots are soo stupid, so single player get's a little boring. I wish the campaign was set during the clone wars, bc the empire saga just bums me out.

I also wish the clones had a non robotic opponent, like mandalorians. I'd recommend a 4v4 plyr obj-based horde mode with an integrated story (with clones of course) and only a few lives to get squads to work together. Also needs; Jedi/clone campaign, AI squads in SP, Bigger SP maps, AI squads in MP, Mandalore expansion. Online: it's fun, difficult to compete with starting weapons. Too much health, people just rush and its unrealistic-semi hardcore mode would be nice.

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