Surface Pro 4 Keyboard Backlight

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Submitted on 11/1/2017 Review title of QJI am back to revise my comments againThis is second time I revised my comments. This time I bring my comments back to 5 stars.Microsoft exports helped me resolve a serious question. I originally thought that my keyboard was broken.

My keyboard was still connected with my laptop, but all keys did not work, even the light indicators of caps and num did not work. It seemed that my keyboard was broken.It is very simple to resolve. Right click the start, go to Device manger, then click Bluetooth list, choose and uninstall the keyboard, restart laptop, go to settings and connect the keyboard.

Submitted on 10/1/2017 Review title of JohannesUnusableIf this had a cord it would be the best keyboard on the market.I've started having some pain in my hands from excessive programming so I've really gone to lengths and tried hundreds of keyboards, I like this one the best. When I realized I preferred this over the mac keyboard my mind blew up.But then the reality of depending on a random bag of components set in, the blue tooth freezes the entire computer and even caused restarts.

That someone could think it was a good idea to use blue tooth for a component as sensitive to lag is insanity to me and obviously the implementation is way worse than expected.Please, for the love of my hands, release a version with a cord, no wires might sound nice in theory and look nice in your videos but I have to work on this thing.regardsJohannes. Victoria responded on Hello Johannes,We’re sorry to hear that you have not been a fan of the Surface Keyboard. It’s our intention to read every review that we receive, hear every customer’s experience, and strive to make our products better in the future.To troubleshoot the connectivity issues you have been having, please go here: In the meantime, we have forwarded your input to our team, and appreciate you taking the time to fill us in.Kindly,VictoriaSurface Customer Care. Submitted on 10/3/2017 Review title of BrynanIncredible KeyboardThis keyboard is probably the best keyboard I've ever used. It feels very comfortable to type on because of how your fingers naturally find the middle of the keys thanks to the same slight indent that they use on the surface devices. Also appreciate the dedicated screen lock and Action Center buttons. If you love typing on your Surface device, this keyboard provides the same amazing experience with even more key travel.Regarding other reviewers' complaints:-I don’t mind no illuminated keys because that would just drastically decrease battery life and I’m never going to use a full size external keyboard outside my desk in the dark (unlike, say, a laptop).-The price is a bit steep, but the quality is excellent.

Also consider Apple's equivalent offering costs $30 more (also doesn't have illuminated keys).-I don't have any of the connectivity issues (I'm using a Surface Book w/ Performance Base). Submitted on 3/12/2017 Review title of Herrmann117A Keyboard Here to StayAs with the computer world, mechanical keyboards have taken everyone by storm, and I may be one for the few but I can't stand them. For a longtime I repurprosed a wired Mac Keyboard because I loved the look and the short and quiet keystrokes. However, it began to fail me and I hated that it was wired and I had to run certain software to even allow me to use the multimedia keys.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Keyboard Backlight

Once I saw Microsoft release this keyboard I knew I had to get it. It was a full keyboard (num pad is a must have for me), wireless and having a surface and a desktop the multimedia keys looked perfect.

Once I received it I did fall in love. The texture of the keys feels like a 'soft' plastic that has become somewhat standard these days. Some things that I enjoy and took me by surprise: - Locking FN key: I hadn't seen this before but dear god do I love it.


Similar to how we see the num lock work, the FN key allows you to lock and unlock it. This means that weather you want the multimedia keys to be on all the time or you want access to the F# keys, with a simple click of the FN key you have one or the other. All the Windows 10 specific shortcut keys: as someone who has fully embraced Win10 I love being able to popup a calculator or have a quick search key or to change desktops. Especially while using this keyboard on the surface, its wonderful. Battery life: I have used this keyboard daily since I received it back in the beginning of January (its been almost 3 months), and haven't yet had to change the batteries. If you are someone that is coming from a wired keyboard this may seem like a hassle, but with other wireless keyboards I have had, I've had them die anywhere from 1 month to 4.

I am just fine with how this has held up thus far! Some gripes or some things I'd like changed/added: - Probably my largest complaint is that when you don't use the keyboard for a moment or two (probably in the 60-120sec range, it'll go into what I am going to call a 'hibernate' mode. It is still there but when you go to begin typing again there is a small delay from when it begins to register which can cause me a moment of misspelling (because of me, not the keyboard). However, having used it now for a bit, its something I have gotten used to. I would LOVE just a bit of space between the main keyboard and the insert/delete/arrow keys. I find it can be difficult for me to find the arrow keys without looking down because I usually judge it off the gap between the keys. Again something that me being a novice typer is more the cause of than the keyboard, but just my opinion - As a person with multiple computers (surface and a few desktops), I would love to see a quick connect to different computers.

This is something I have seen in just a few keyboards, but if it were introduced I would by a new one in a heartbeat. I have the Logitech MX Master Mouse, which has a wonderful quick select between computers and it is easily my favorite feature.


Overall: I gave it a four because to me, almost no keyboard is perfect. However this is (embarrassingly) my 9th keyboard in 3 years, starting with the cheapest of cheap wireless combos, to mechanical, to apple and now to this, I am whole heartedly happy with this keyboard thus far. I look forward to Microsoft's next iteration of peripherals, keep up the good work folks! Submitted on 8/24/2018 Review title of JohnConnectivityyyyyy problemI can hardly find any faults with the physical aspects of the keyboard.

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Looks great, feels great. I would prefer to have a slightly wider gutter between backspace and insert keys, but this would depend on the personal taste.Unfortunately, the software side of the keyboard makes it nearly unusable. Like others, I have connectivity issue with his keyboard that I never had with any other Bluetooth peripherals - freezing, lagging, typing things I'm not pressing, etc. The review heading I left unedited reflects this issue. Driver update and other troubleshooting advices failed to fix this issue.Until this problem gets fixed, I would refrain from purchasing the keyboard. Victoria responded on Hello John,We are sorry to hear that you have been running into some issues with your Surface Keyboard. Even though we don’t have much info on what seems to be going on with your Surface Keyboard, we would recommend troubleshooting here: in the case you still need assistance after this, please reach out to us at,VictoriaSurface Customer Care.

Click to expand.LISTEN TO THIS GUY/GIRL!, the little brightness icons over the F1 and F2 keyboard aren't for the screen, they're for the keyboard! I think there are 4 levels of brightness to the keyboard, one of them being off. So if you accidentally pressed the F1 key you might have turned the brightness all the way down to off.FYI: you can adjust the SCREEN brightness using the keyboard too, though it's not obvious. FN+DEL turns the screen brightness up.

FN+BACKSPACE turns the screen brightness down.