The Sims Medieval Nurse With A Curse Quest Walkthrough

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Quest Loot TablePlatinumRP40§1,250XP2,000AspectsGoldRP30§1,000XP1,600AspectsSilverRP20§750XP1,200AspectsBronzeRP10§750XP800AspectsSo the nurse had a bit of a superstitious streak. The physician hadn't really noticed.

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Sometimes the quickest solution to a situation like this was to indulge the victim and play by the rules of the 'curse'.Find the imaginary cure, and the imaginary affliction seemed to vanish! Superstitious Sympathy is the only approach to the quest and costs 3 QP to start.

If you have the Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles Adventure Pack, here are some tips to help you get the most out of new features and adventures. This page will be updated with more tips and answers to frequently asked questions.(Updated November 15, 2011)Pirates & Nobles quest walk-throughs can be found on the page.Treasure Hunting — Any sim can hunt for treasure as long as they have a shovel equipped. Your sim can also purchase some treasure maps from the village shoppe and acquire pieces of maps during their adventures. When using a treasure map, you will need to click on the map in your sims’ inventory and select the option “Read Map” to get clues about the general location of the treasure. Go to the location you want to search, then click on the map in the inventory and select “Search for Treasure.” Next, click on the ground and select “Read Map Here.” A message will pop up telling you if you are closer, farther, or at the spot marked on your map.

Continue clicking the ground and reading the map until you find the spot, then click the ground and select “Dig for Treasure Here.” When you find the treasure from a map, the map will be marked “Treasure Found” in your inventory. Any sim can dig up the beginner’s treasure, but other treasure maps can only be used to find the treasure once.

Sims can hunt for treasure in random locations without a map–just click on the ground and select “Dig for Treasure.” Your sim will start digging and will either find random treasure, find nothing, or encounter the pit beast. The pit beast encounter will leave a sim with a strong scent buff, and if they dig again while smelling of the pit beast, they are very likely to be grabbed by the beast and will fight in the pit of judgement. Surviving treasure hunting encounters with the pit beast can result in acquiring a baby pit beast or other special items. All treasure hunters should feed the pit beast often in order to improve their chances of surviving encounters. Using a luck potion or flask of fortune will help your sims acquire better treasure when hunting, but does make it less likely you will encounter the pit beast while digging.Interrogation — The new interrogation chairs allow sims to interrogate or persuade other sims in order to get information and items from them.

The interrogation chair can be found in furnish mode and sometimes one will be added to public locations such as town square. Click on the chair to lock up a sim and then the interrogation mini-game will begin. Your sim can use multiple techniques during the interrogation and observe the reaction of the suspect. Some techniques will raise the suspect’s will while others will lower it.

To interrogate a sim, you must lower the suspect’s will all the way to the bottom of the meter without their alertness dropping all the way. Once the suspect’s will is lowered enough, the option “Interrogate” will be available when you click on the suspect. Interrogating a sim will negatively impact the relationship with that sim, so be careful when using interrogation for random amusement. Persuading sims will not harm the relationship, but you will need to raise the suspect’s will to the top of the meter in order to get the “Persuade” option.Parrots and Falcons — Now your sims can have pet parrots and falcons. When you buy or find a bird, your sim will have a whistle in the inventory, which is used to call the bird to the owner so it can be given commands. Both types of birds can be sent to attack nearby sims, and they can be very useful in other ways as well. Parrots can be sent treasure hunting and falcons can be sent hunting for food.

The quality of treasure and food they bring back depends on the rarity of the bird you’re using. Better quality birds become available at the village shoppe, some can be crafted (like the skeletal parrot and mechanical falcon), and some can be obtained by using another rare bird. For example, I obtained the black parrot when I sent my skeletal parrot out treasure hunting for the first time. Birds frequently bring back pieces of treasure maps and other useful items. Only one of your sim’s birds can be sent treasure hunting/hunting at a time, but you can use another bird to attack sims while your other pet is hunting.Dread Pirate Legendary Trait — The new Legendary Trait added to Sims Medieval with the Pirates & Nobles adventure pack is the Dread Pirate trait. Your sim can become a Dread Pirate through successful completion of any quest that offers a Legendary Trait, and some infants are born with the trait. The Dread Pirate trait includes a certificate of title that will appear in your sim’s inventory–click on it to change your sim’s title to Dread Pirate (you don’t need to use the title to enjoy the benefits of being a Dread Pirate though).

Your Dread Pirate sim can perform the secret pirate handshake, lead pirate raids with the ship, and collect a daily pirate tribute from the messenger post.Daily Responsibilities — This adventure pack introduces many new dailies for each profession, and many of them involve pirate or guildsman NPCs. Some new dailies involve multiple steps as well. For example, the monarch sometimes gets the responsibility to read the war crimes docket (a book added to the monarch’s inventory).

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Then the monarch needs to sign the arrest warrant (for the accused pirate or guildsman) and finally send the accused to the stocks. Some of the new dailies such as sic a parrot/falcon on the pirate/guildsman, write and read a war poem to the pirate/guildsman, test the antidote on the pirate/guildsman, curse the pirate/guildsman, etc will cause the targeted pirate/guildsman to become a regular villager. They will have a common villager title after your sim completes their daily. This can cause a problem when you’re playing two or more sims, and two or more sims get a daily responsibility that involves the same pirate/guildsman.

The Sims Medieval Nurse With A Curse Quest Walkthrough Pc

You can only complete one of the dailies for one of the sims if their daily will cause the targeted pirate/guildsman to change into a regular villager, so you must choose which sim will take the failed job responsibility and potential punishment arising from it. Hopefully this will be changed in a future game update! To craft the skeletal parrot, you need many items that you can collect through treasure hunting and adventuring. You’ll need a dead parrot, some mana stones, ancient powder, pottery shards, several tiny bones, and I think you also need a mystical metal fragment. The stone tablet gives clues for how to construct the skeletal parrot. You need to make the Necravian vessel and then when you have constructed the parrot skeleton and you have the Necravian vessel in your sim’s inventory, you click on the vessel and there’s an option to make the skeletal parrot. It takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it 🙂No, I haven’t been able to get the “1-2-3 Floor” or “Pinkies in the Air” achievements for getting 5 pirates and 5 guildsmen drunk at one time.

Sims Medieval Power Grab Walkthrough

I haven’t heard of anyone unlocking that yet, but I’ll definitely keep trying! If you have any success with it, please share your tips 😉.

Well, I finally managed to get 1-2-3-Floor 🙂 So, basically, we have 3 difficulties:1. Not all “pirates” are real pirates;2. Have 5+ pirates at kingdom;3. Have them in one place (or two places, if you playing with 2 hero quest).So I just get my own 3 pirates (monarch, wizard and physician) through “Pirate life for me” quests, then I started “The Beast Must Diet” quest with both wizard and physician as heroes.

Sims Medieval Legendary Quests List

Then I gather my heroes and 3 guests (monarch + 2 pirates) in throne room and served about 5 drinks to each of the guests with 2 casks. Trick is to do it uninterruptedly because guests will try to leave if unattended. Finally, my heroes both get drunk instantly by Mystic Grog 🙂 Voila!Piracy of pirates can be verified with secret handshake. No handshake – false pirate!

There is no such thing for guildsmen though, so extra effort will be needed. Also, pirates not easy to invite, so I bought some bench, sat and invite them to cuddle 🙂Next stop – Pinkies in the Air 🙂.