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(If you can’t watch the video, your AdBlocker may be blocking it.Please, consider white-listing to help and support the site)While browsing the today, I found an interesting on this topic. I know that a lot of the contents of the books is closely related to Poland’s history and culture. Warcraft iii reign of chaos download. Never, even for a moment, have I thought about what and where from the shape of the Witcher’s map could be. We know for a fact that the author of the Witcher books, never revealed his own version of the map of the Northern Kingdoms (stretching all the way down to Nilfgaard). The map in the video games, created by CD Projekt Red (CDPR) is based on the descriptions Sapkowski gave in the books, nothing is really official, nor canonical (yet).To backup the theory about the map of the Witcher world being a Poland, turned 90 degrees to the side, here’s the picture that was provided in this very same Reddit post I started with.

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Map Of The Witcher World

Some basic facts about the game world and this atlasThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt tutorial takes place in Kaer Morhen, the stronghold of the witchers.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is not a single open world game. It is divided into few major areas - White Orchard, Velen and Novigrad, The Skellige Isles, Kaer Morhen and few more smaller ones like Royal Palace in Vizima or Isle of Mists.This division causes that you can not directly sail, for instance, from The Skellige Isles to Novigrad. Instead, you have to find signpost and use fast-travel option - additionally, it will be possible only, if you have at least one unlocked signpost in destination zone. Additional zones will be unlocked as you progress through the main story of the game.The first open world location in the game is White Orchard.