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The new 1854 regulation uniforms of the Municipal Police were the first and earliest police uniforms worn in the United StatesCentralized, municipally-managed police departments were unknown in the United States prior to the 1830s. Early law enforcement functions were largely performed by volunteer watchmen as well as elected or appointed and, who were paid by the fee system for warrants they served. The advent of professional police forces in the United States foreshadowed the introduction of standardized police uniforms. While uniforms for police had been introduced in the as early as 1828, adoption of standardized dress in the took longer, with many of the new police objecting to uniforms out of concern they would be subject to public ridicule. Nonetheless, in 1854, the became the United States' first municipal police force to issue uniforms to its officers. New York City was followed, in 1858, by, and soon thereafter, other cities. A New York City police officer, wearing a, answers a visitor's questions at the corner of Fulton and Broadway in 1899.The navy blue uniforms adopted by many police departments in this early period were simply surplus from the.

Cover typically took the form of, a starched woolen head cover similar in appearance to a top hat but with a squatter dimension, or British-style. In rural areas, where preventative policing was limited or non-existent, sheriff's deputies continued to wear civilian attire, using only their badge as a mark of identification.

In many states this practice continued well into the following century. The sheriff's office, for instance, did not adopt a uniform until 1938.By the early 20th century, the style and form of American police uniforms had essentially settled into its modern pattern of button-up shirts, neckties, slacks and military-style blouses with unbanded collars, all worn with. Many early uniforms had loose-fitting jackets that would conceal a police officer's equipment, such as and sidearm. Beginning in the 1930s, officers more frequently began wearing their personal gear on a worn outside the coat, for ease of access.One of the biggest evolutionary experiments in police uniform design began in 1969, when the police department in, moved away from typical police uniforms, opting instead for a dress style designed to better emulate civilian fashion trends and communicate a 'softer' appearance. The new uniforms consisted of green, black slacks, a white shirt and black necktie. Officers wore their weapons concealed under their coats. Many other police departments soon followed the Menlo Park lead.

In psychological tests, it was discovered police - after using the new uniform - displayed less authoritarian personality characteristics. In addition, and injured during arrests by police dropped by 50-percent and assaults on officers by suspects also plummeted by nearly a third. Despite these initially promising signs, however, it was subsequently determined that other factors, including increased police recruitment of college graduates and adoption of more responsive management techniques, had probably accounted for the statistical shifts.

Yellow Police Uniform Shirts

By the eighth year of the uniform experiment, assaults on police had more than doubled from what they were prior to the dress change and the 'civilian' style uniforms were subsequently dropped. Current designs. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office badge is typical of the six-pointed star design used by many U.S. The panel at the bottom of the badge is where a deputy's badge number would be engraved.

Badges Despite the wide variety of uniforms used by United States police departments, virtually all incorporate the use of metallic badges as a means of primary identification. Unlike in the United Kingdom, where officers both in and out of uniform carry - but do not publicly display - paper or plastic, US police badges are the official symbol of office and are prominently worn over the left chest of the uniform (or, in the case of plainclothes officers, displayed from a concealed badge carrier when necessary to establish authority). In, for instance, police only have the power to make arrests when 'in uniform, or displaying a badge of office.' Badges are typically engraved with a unique identification number matched to the officer to whom it is issued. Some departments - most notably the New York City Police Department (NYPD) - traditionally pass individual badges through several generations of police so that current officers can establish a symbolic connection with the retired and deceased officers to whom their badge had previously been issued.

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Police Uniform Shirts Navy Blue

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