How To Open Car Trunk

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  1. How To Open Car Trunk Without Keys
TrunkHow to open car trunks from inside

In a parking lot, you are standing next to your car rear with your arms full of shopping bags, all set to open the car trunk. You insert the key or use your remote trunk opener, but the lock won’t turn. A few minutes later, all the shopping bags are on the ground, and you are frantically trying to open the trunk. You use your full physical strength, but it still does not open.When you find yourself in “can’t-open-car-trunk” situation, the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath and think clearly. Figure out why you can’t open it.

How To Open Car Trunk Without Keys

Not sure if its in the dash or under the hood, the schematic just call is the 'relay center' fuse box cover should call it out as trunk or rear release. Do you have a owners manual? It would show you locations in there. (CRAP, pushed something and changed my font)I know the trunk release switch is on the door, but is there a VALET switch in the glove box?ok i found the relay center and it was under the hood on the fire wall and the fuse was as far as the VALET switch, i've never heard of it so i'm don't know what im looking for.