How To Stop Qustodio

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How To Stop Qustodio
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How to remove Qustodio's 'AlwaysOn' VPN profile using AppleConfigurator OverviewIf you used the AppleConfigurator on a Mac computer to install Qustodio's VPN onto your child's device following a procedure we refer as 'AlwaysOn', you will need to use the AppleConfigurator again to remove the profile and restore the iOS device to it's previous state.Please note that this procedure will delete all information and content on the device, because of this we strongly recommend to make a copy all the files you want to keep. AppleConfigurator 1 or 2Depending on your country, you might have used. Each version has different steps to uninstall Qustodio, so you will need to check which Configurator you've used before starting to uninstall.Once you've confirmed the version, please follow these steps, depending on which version of AppleConfigurator you need to use:.I am using AppleConfigurator 1 To remove the secure protection, you will have to follow these steps below:1. Como resetear contador impresora l800 2. Open AppleConfigurator 12. Under Settings Profiles click the - sign to unselect the Profile you had created and click Refresh.3.


Click Devices Unsupervise from the menu (note: this will WIPE your device again). Click Refresh.You can then remove Qustodio by following.I am using AppleConfigurator 2To eliminate the Supervised mode on the device, follow these steps (note that this process will completely wipe out the device).1.

How To Stop Qustodio On Pc Without

Open AppleConfigurator and connect the iOS device to the Mac computer.2. Go to the “Actions” menu and select “Restore”. This will start a process to restore the device. If you have created a backup, choose the “Restore from backup” option and select the backup.