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I'm one of the relatively few that worship the game, you'll find that most people in the CCComunity absolutely love it. It's one of my favorite games, but unlike other games I truly adore, I can accept valid complaints against it. Still, it's something you should check out. If you have the patience for something like Kerbal Space Program, or even learning very basic Garry's Mod tricks, you can learn Cortex Command.

Specifically, you can learn why your jetpack flies at a 45 degree angle and why your pistol has yet to kill anyone.Cortex Command is an interesting game, I only found out about it in build 30 (the game is in B31 now) but apparently Data01, the creator, has been working on this for a decade. The game is a 2D sidescrolling shooter with skirmishes instead of any campaign (the actual campaign is liable to not work for you like it doesn't for me).

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It's a strange game, think Worms level of destruction. Absolutely everything is destroyable, literally in the most literal sense. Dead bodies become weak terrain along with crashed ships so you might find yourself taking cover behind the brains and bones of your ally, or hiding in the wreckage of a dropship's failed landing. There's an armor system and everything is really intricate, you have penetration factor for all weapons and they might just go through an enemy's skull doing a few points of damage. The bullets you fire also might ricochet off his skull, off his helmet, break his gun, blow off his hand which leaves him to use whatever shield or gun he had in his offhand, destroy his offhand so he can only aim with one arm, etc. You can literally load up a rocket with crabs to send kamikaze'ing into an enemy base, either to suffocate the enemy or to literally crash the game with too many crabs by overloading the physics engine.

All this is extrapolated from gameplay, realistically you'll wonder why you didn't kill someone with 5 headshots but when you're a bit lenient and think about how the bullet might've grazed him, it went through his chest missing any vital organs, etc; you'll have a fun time. Imagine realtime Worms where every unit has a jetpack and unlimited ammo.Onto criticism. For one basic thing, the game is local multiplayer only. Lots of things in the tutorial are incredibly awkward. You can actually lose the tutorial, I didn't beat it for about 5 tries. Crouching is awkward and you crawl on all fours and might just stop moving. Walking up ladders is liable to destroy them and you're better off jetpacking up but your jetpack will move where you're aiming so you have to alternate left and right while aiming up.

People might get angry that firefights are up to chance sometimes, you'd better hope your aim is true and that the blood god decides to grant you the mystical power of surviving a shotgun blast to the eyes. Play Fallout 1 or 2 and pretend that every time you miss or nonfatally hit an enemy, you actually hit them directly in the head. That's what it's like. I've seen accusations that DataRealms uses slave labor but so did 4A kind of and look what they made. A big problem is lag, the game gets pretty laggy sometimes when there's lots of action going on. Elder scrolls online add-ons skyshard. It looks beautiful if you like retro style games, all the explosions are different (especially if done by modders who all have their own style of jetpack, muzzle flash, explosion, etc) and all of it is done by particle effects, you might have a fire particle stuck for the rest of the game though.

It's strange, really, but I've gotten used to eternal fire that doesn't hurt you after a while. When the game gets laggy, the game slows down to preserve the framerate; as in, sounds are slowed and the game tries to create a slow motion effect. This is fun until you press CTRL+P and see that you're playing at 30% the original speed of your game.

You can do some extreme Kaz-grade fiddling with the.ini of the game and disable this but it might work like Skyrim at 144hz and mess with the game's physics. Unfortunately the game is procedural so walking, shooting, the game is all physics.One of the better things about the game is how mod friendly it is. Advanced lua scripting is taken advantage of by modders, there's custom factions (or 'techs,' groups of units, guns bombs, etc), single weapon or unit mods, mods that add factions with stories and plots and mods that take existing factions and make them playable.

There's Warhammer 40k mods, one of which has all kinds of aliens and humans and There's a, a, 2ish a you get the idea. The initial community from DataRealms Forums was so tight-knit, once someone made a mod, that was it. It's not a Halo mod, it was the Halo mod. The modding scene is what keeps this game alive and it's one of the problems with the game. Cortex Command is part game, part mod platform; It wouldn't have half the players if it had no mod support.There's a lot to this discussion and I'm kind of hoping someone who's played this before will talk about it too, I'm definitely not going in depth enough. In summary, Cortex Command is at least really interesting, definitely something you should Czech out; I think this game is an excellent subject for criticism and analysis because it's easy to see not just where the developer when wrong, but how it can be improved and why the parts that work, work.

My first post, be gentle;). The concept is great, the execution is not so great, I still spent dozens of hours with it.The physics system is a great idea, killing enemies with flying pieces of failed rocket landings is fun but it also has terrible performance and crashes, multiple enemies on the screen reduce FPS greatly.The AI doesn't know how to react to long ranged attacks, even in the highest levels of difficulty, this is even more of a problem in Bunker Breach, which is the gamemode I liked to play the most. The AI also needs to be more agressive with cannons and use dropships to drop bombs on groups of enemies.Weapon balance and price was weird, I could easily gather a lot of gold and get more expensive and better weapons, which left the cheaper ones behind, only for the first few units.The maps could use some diversity and interactivity: space ships, teleporters, water, wildlife (not just crabs), etc. The AI, unless set to do so in the mission parameters, will usually never attack you.

They're more like peacekeepers for the enemy but they won't even move onto attackers, they'll just stand wherever they want and work as sentry turrets. The movement is clunky and you really can get stuck in the ground, it's usually because of how overloaded your soldier is and how soft the topsoil and sand and snow is. Void Wanderers has spaceships that are done very well with fuel containers, doors, turrets and damage dealt to anyone not inside so it's a shame that more maps like that are rare. Asides from the learning curve of the controls, the game seriously lacks a game mode that does actually highlight its strengths.The whole gold gathering / buying bodies and weapons mechanics feels soo very clunky. I feel like there is this awesome engine (ok, it has a lot of issues but there is nothing similar) that leads to really nice gameplay in some situations, but the developer never found a way to come up with a game mode that actually generates these situations reliably (I am not saying Data is incompetent, this is obviously not an easy problem to solve).It somehow always feels like wasted potential. A lot of mods are great, but the need for them just adds to the overall clunky feeling of it all.

Completely agree with everything you said. Cortex Command is by far one of the most unique games that I have played. It's hard to describe the fun of building a huge bunker and holding out against wave after wave of AI dudes. I think people played the campaign and thought the game sucks, because the campaign does suck.You hit on a point which I think about a lot when playing, that the dead bodies and dropships become a part of the landscape. And it's represented in such a brutal fashion. When you walk across a battle-torn map, you are literally walking across the hundreds of corpses you created earlier, along with various debris of crashed ships.The last thing that should be mentioned is that while the campaign is lame, the setup for the whole game is really interesting.

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This is the dark future of warfare after the introduction of cloning on a military scale. The only object of value is the human mind. All the soldiers in the games are just surrogates, machine or man. It doesn't tell a traditional story but I've realized after playing countless hours that the narrative is in the gameplay, which is cool.I appreciate the Metal Gear reference as well. I love Metal Gear, it's a shame there isn't a good MGS mod for Cortex Command. The problem is that walking over your dead comrades is something just on the line of RPing, it practically shows you everything but it's also leaning toward X-COM in that you have to think about this for yourself. The game won't narrate that your legs are blown off, you just have to actually notice your legs are missing and play from there.

Players who look at games' face values will see the debris and all but there's another layer; I'm having a hard time explaining my point here, sorry. I bought Cortex Command back when it was at build 23 or so and had a blast playing it. I still have not seen a game which produces gameplay that is so chaotic and procedural while still being fun.That said, the game has huge shortcomings and I think most of it comes down to the fact that the developer never found a game mode that really highlights what works well and hides the aspects that don't work.Things that IMHO don't work are the following:. The friendly AI is absolutely useless. The enemy AI can be fun to play against, but on a flat plain it is certainly not so. Luck factors in a lot. Especially in the situations that are actually fun (being surprised by a dropship landing almost exactly on top of you, things exploding and deadly debris flying all over the landscape).

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This is fine, but has to be taken into account for a game mode to work (e.g. Losing a soldier should not be too big of a deal).Of all the game modes I think that the base defense plays to these strengths most effectively. In the best case, the fight starts by you shooting down some drop ships (creating a huge chaos of flying debris, fires and explosions) and then gradually losing ground and falling back into your base. This means you always have different situations emerge and forces you to change tactics.

Since your enemies are moving, you often can't decide when and how to begin an engagement but you have to improvise, steal dead comrades/enemies weapons etc. The part that does not work is that you can't rely on your AI controlled soldiers, so you constantly have to switch between soldiers to make sure the enemy is not 'sneaking' into the base through a different entrance.There was a community-made scene where you had an endless supply of soldiers coming in on one side of the map while your enemy had the same coming from the other side. While this scene had a lot of problems on its own (usually all the action happened in a couple of choke-points, so little variation again), this would IMHO have been a better setup for a 'showcase' game mode than the campaign is now.It is still an absolutely amazing game that does things no other game does, but it is seriously hurt by the lack of polish that hides its strengths under a layer of inaccessible controls, performance problems and the need to actually find out about the interesting game modes (some mods are really awesome, try them!).

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