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Im in the market for a new mouse, Ive tried a few of the high end models from local computer stores, but none were satisfactory. I am currently using an Intellimouse Optical 5 button mouse as its the best ive found.Feel free to list what works for you or suggestions/wishlistsmy ideal mouse would have:standard left/right buttonsscrollwheel/click (i really dislike the mice w/ tiltable wheels as it usually interupts the pan command)3 Thumb buttons3 pinky buttonsa more difficult to press palm button covering the back of the mouse shell would be interesting too. (save command comes to mind)Im also interest in picking up an Ergo keyboard. Thanks for the reply, But I found exactly what I was looking for. I picked this little gizmo up after work. Ive only spent 15mins to set up and mess around w/ it but i can already tell its going to help my productivity.Behold: The Belkin Nostromo N52Looks like I'll stick w/ my intellimouse for now and see how this works out.The N52 accepts macros and has 4 toggles for each button displayed by diff colored leds at the thumb button.Ive programmed about 30 of my most used commands and still have room for about 20 more.

That thing looks crazy!!! Is it comfortable? Does it fit well in your hand? Where are the left and right mouse buttons?

Loli usually prefer to stick with my microsoft standard USB mouse with scroll wheel. I like it most because the wheel is very looseat home i have an MSI Gaming mouse like thisthat came free with my laptop. It is comfortable but i never use all the extra buttons and the wheel is slightly harder. I still prefer the standard mouseTry setting one of the extra buttons on the laptop mouse to delete and one to osnap and try that for a while.

Thats how ive got my intellimouse set up right now.the N52 is really comfortable, the only thing is its not a mouse, its more along the lines of a keyboard/gamepad. You use it in your left hand in conjunction w/ a mouse in your right. Im going to leave the keyboard infront of my monitor for typing notes but i have a feeling its going to start gathering dust.Ive spent about an hour now messing around w/ it and have nearly all my commands programed in. The box says it can hold 108 diff commands all based on which color LED is showing.

Ive programed red to a num-pad, lights off to 'draw' toolbar, green to 'modify' and blue to 'dims/inquiry'there were some good reviews of it on the Autodesk and Augi forums so i decided to look around for one. $30 out the door, it's pretty easy to get a hang of since ive recently had to switch from command line to toolbars due to injury, but the real test will come from an 8hr day tomorrow. Looking at getting a new mouse myself. My main concern is getting one that's comfortable to use, concerned about RSI. At the moment i use a standard mouse but find my hand aches sometimes, does anyone else have the same problem and have found a suitable solution?

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I am leaning towards a trackball.I tore a tendon in my thumb about 2 weeks ago, it's healing well but now both of my hands ache when i work. The injured hand.cause its injured and the off hand because its working double time. So I'm really making an attempt to find the most ergonomic and efficient hardware for work and home. The F1 key hasnt been a concern of mine for years as ive remapped the key in ACAD to equal escThis will be my 3rd work day using the N52 and Im fairly familiar w/ every command.

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While my speed is not quite as fast as keyboard (yet) i already find using the keyboard more cumbersome than the N52. More importantly there is no aggravation to my injury what-so-ever.This thing looks like a keeper and @ $30 id suggest others give it a try.I'll even give you the key mapping and legend ive developed for ACAD.Im def. Lagu ayodance 2008. Picking one up for drafting (and gaming) at home. I do alot of split-keyboarding by using two full-sized keyboards at the same time. One hand is on the left side of home-row and one hand is on the right side.

My speed is amazing, and my co-workers look at me like I am nuts.Just for the fun of it, I also setup three mice to my computer so that it doesn't matter where I am I can grab a mouse and do whatever I need to do.Wow! Lots of desktop real estate?Left hand, left keyboard. Right hand, right side keyboard.Left foot, mouse, right foot, right mouse.Third mouse, a nose push?Multi-tasking at its' finest!Side show at the circus? Here at work I am the network admin, the cable-installer, the IT-guy, the AutoCAD guy, the shop-floor mechanic and general handyman.Had one the the managers that couldn't get a wireless keyboard / mouse to work so I took it from him and gave him a wired setup. Just to see if it was a problem with the wireless or something else, I setup his combo beside mine, configured it in and started playin' with both.

That was almost 4 months ago, and I love it!It looks like there was too much interferance between the welding machines and his setup.