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Secretlab TitanPicking a gaming chair is a difficult yet important decision. Most of the top-end chairs cost a pretty penny so you want to ensure you are selecting the correct chair. The most important factor of any chair is comfort.It is difficult to find the most comfortable gaming chair for you without trying before you buy. But by the end of this Secretlab Titan review, you will have a much clearer idea whether the Titan sounds like a good fit.How comfortable is the Titan? How easy is it to set up? And what customisation options does it offer? These are all likely questions you will be asking yourself before buying.

I tackle all these in the review so read on for more information.Lets jump right in to the setup. I have provided a quick time-lapse video showing me putting the chair together. It took exactly 1 hour for me to build the chair from unboxing to the finished product. If I had an extra pair of hands I could have easily got it done in 20-30 minutes.For a gaming chair of this size, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to put together. The instruction manual was really straight to the point with detailed photos showing you what to do.It is a big improvement over my current gaming chair that took me a lot longer to assemble.The only part that I struggled with was lining up the backrest to the side brackets. I’d recommend leaning the backrest against something while you position it correctly with the screw holes.This is where a second person would have come in really handy. How To Setup The SecretLab Titan Step by Step1.

Attaching The WheelsAdd the wheels to the aluminium base plateThe first step is to attach the wheels to the base which is done by simply pushing the wheels into their respective slots on the underside of the wheelbase.2. Removing The Side ScrewsRemove side screwsNext, the side screws need to be removed as they come pre-installed. This is where the brackets on the base of the seat will line up so that you can attach the backrest with the base. Simple stuff!3.

Sliding The Backrest Into Place Slide backrest between bracketsThis was the tricky part. You have to slide the backrest between the two brackets. This has to be done at an angle though because the right-side bracket is used for the spring mechanism for the tilt of the backrest.There are plenty of warnings around being careful with the lever since pressing it will cause the bracket to ping forward fast which might hurt you.

So don’t mess with the lever until you have securely fastened the backrest.As I was saying you need to slide the backrest between the brackets and then line up the brackets with the screw holes that you took the screws out of in step 2.Having another person to help line this up will make it a lot easier so that you ensure the backrest is correctly aligned.4. Attach Side Plate CoveringsScrew on the side plate coveringsTo cover the metal brackets the Titan has plastic covers which screw over the top of them.

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The screws are pretty small so you have to line them up perfectly to get them in. A minor annoyance but once it’s done it’s done.5. Attach Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism To BaseScrew on the Multi-Functional Tilt MechanismI took my time with this one since it wasn’t completely clear which way it was meant to be put on. Secretlab has some online that also show you how to assemble the chair so if you get stuck on anything then remember to check them out.The tilt mechanism attaches onto the base using 4 screws.

I had some difficulty getting one of the screws in, you have to line them up very precisely to ensure you thread the screw correctly. A simple process though and similar to most of the gaming chairs on the market.One tip I would give, don’t do what I did in the video and tilt the chair face down. I dropped a washer from one of the screws and it fell into the cushion which was a nightmare to get back. In fact, I did it twice.6. Push Side Paddles Onto Tilt Mechanism LeversPush levers onto tilt mechanism metal bracketsThis is my only problem with this chair.

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The lever design is the only thing I would do differently. On the tilt mechanism metal bars, there are notches that are supposed to slide into the plastic grooves of the levers.Having metal notches that slot into plastic grooves meant that because I put one of the levers on wrong initially it frayed the plastic ever so slightly. The lever still works fine but the one improvement Secretlab could make would be to have the levers pre-installed and not with plastic grooves.7. Slot Everything Onto The BasePut the chair onto the wheel baseThe last step is to slot the multi-tilt mechanism into the wheelbase and that’s it!The setup was really simple and Secretlab give fantastic instructions whether you prefer it through pictures and text or video, you won’t be stuck putting it together.The only tricky part is ensuring you align the backrest with the brackets correctly. Having a second pair of hands will make this significantly easier.Secretlab Titan Features & SpecificationsLet’s talk about the chair in more detail.

What do you get, is it comfy, durable and overall worth your hard earned money?What Are The Titan’s Height and Weight Restrictions?The recommended height for the chair is for people around 175 – 200cm but this is just a guideline. For instance, I am around 176cm tall or 5ft 9 inches and if I put the chair right to the bottom then sit right back in the chair its a perfect fit.You might get away with being 170cm but I really wouldn’t recommend the chair if you are any smaller. Your feet won’t touch the ground flat which is important for ergonomics.As for weight, it supports up to 130kg or 285 pounds. The chair is definitely marketed towards the average to large sized person.It’s a big chair which is a giveaway from its name but it will fit a wide range of people. How Comfortable Is The Titan?The most important feature of any chair whether it’s a gaming chair or not is the quality of the cushioning.Secretlab state that their cold-cure foam formula is designed to create a balance between comfort and support. The term cold-curing is actually used in theatre and car seat production so that the chair maintains its comfort and durability.Having tested the chair for over a week now it has comfortably replaced my old gaming chair.

It’s more comfortable and to me, that is what sells a chair. If you spend hours a day sitting at your desk then your chair is the most important investment you can make.The cushioning is soft and it feels as though it moulds around me but not overbearingly. I have had long gaming sessions without any discomfort so an A+ in the comfort category.Backrest Tilt Lever to tilt the backrest backAs with most gaming chairs on the market, the whole backrest tilts back. You do this by pulling the lever on the right of the chair up and leaning back.Be careful if you tilt it back far though because when you pull the lever to bring it back to an upright position it will spring back very quickly.Does The Titan PU Leather Last? Titan PU LeatherThe Titan uses ‘PRIME’ Polyurethane (PU) leather. I can’t comment on the durability just yet but will update the review in the next few months with regards to how the chair is holding up.So far I haven’t noticed any cracking or stretching of the leather. The leather is really easy to maintain, I have already accidentally spilt water over the base and it was really simple to clean, it just wiped off.Unlike real leather, Secretlab state the PU leather is, in fact, waterproof so if you do have any spillages or just a sweaty a.

the chair won’t become damaged.Integrated Lumber Adjustment Support Integrated Lumbar AdjustmentIf you are familiar with other ‘racing’ gaming chair designs they often come with a lumbar support pillow. This is usually strapped to the chair and you can adjust it up and down.The Titan is different, it has lumbar support built into the back piece. This can be adjusted by turning a knob on the right side of the chair.You can adjust it so the lumbar support is much more prominent and hugs the base of your spine.This is a huge improvement over the usual pillows you get. Everyone’s spine is shaped slightly differently and the lumbar support pillows can cause more of a problem than a solution for many people.The pillows force your lower back forward by a set amount, there is little to no customisation you can do to provide the optimal amount you want.The Titan has been much more ‘friendly’ towards my lower back and I have played around with the lumbar support so I have it just right and I can notice the difference after long play sessions.Plus, the lumbar support pillows actually end up becoming a nuisance. They fall down and you have to keep dragging them up to position them correctly.The built-in lumbar support is a great design choice and it pays off. 4D Adjustable Arm Rests 4D ArmrestsIt is hard to compare the armrests of these types of gaming chairs as they are all very similar.

They offer fantastic customisation which ensures that you can position the armrests in a way that suits you.However, what makes the Titan stand out is how comfortable and soft the armrests are thanks to the generous layer of PU leather.I lean a lot on my armrests and often have trouble with getting sore elbows due to the time I spend sitting at a desk. The Titan is a welcome change to the usual harder plastic feeling armrests.The armrests can be moved up, down, side to side, forwards, backwards and rotate at an angle.

If the armrests are too close to you then you can also unscrew them on the base of the chair and pull them out a few centimetres further.The rotating of the armrests takes a fair amount of force compared to my old chair. The wonder that was india by al basham pdf. So don’t be scared to rotate them it just takes some elbow grease.If you want soft armrests then the Titan has you covered. The customisation they offer also means you will always find a setup that suits your height and needs.

Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism Multi-functional Tilt MechanismIt sounds a lot fancier than it really is but it offers you lots of flexibility towards how you want to position the chair.The tilt mechanism can allow you to tilt the base of the chair back and even lock it in place. This is great for when you want to put your feet up and watch something in a more leisurely position.The knob on the bottom of the chair can be turned to adjust the tension of the tilt. The more tension the more weight you have to put towards the back of the chair to make it tilt.The Wheel Base Titan Aluminium Wheel BaseOne aspect of these types of gaming chairs that has always annoyed me is how difficult they are to move on carpet. This might be because the chairs I have tried previously had poor quality wheels.The Titan has been a great improvement in this area. The metal wheelbase feels very solid and the wheels glide across my thick carpet much more smoothly. This is such a small detail that adds a lot to the chair.In my old chair, every time I was moving from my desk I would have to throw myself back to get my chair to move.

Either I need to put on weight or the chair wheels were poor quality. I’m pretty sure it was the latter.It’s a small detail that makes a big difference.Pillow Velour PillowHaving had a similar gaming chair for nearly three years now I grew to hate these kinds of pillows. They sit at such an awkward height and my last one was stuffed so much it was basically a brick behind my head.The Titan pillow is such an improvement. It’s really comfortable and I find myself pushing my head back into it when I’m chilling. This pillow is here to stay.The Secretlab Titan Pros and ConsNow that I have covered the setup and features let me break down the pros and cons of the chair for you.

That way you know exactly what you are getting and whether or not the chair is for you. What I Liked About The Secretlab Titan – The ProsThe chair is a great example of a well-built high-quality chair.

Is it the most comfortable gaming chair? This is hard to say since I haven’t tested all the available chairs on the market.However, I can say that I have had long gaming and work sessions without any discomfort. It is the most comfortable gaming chair I have tried so far which is why I am sitting on it while I write this article.As for the chair itself, the materials used in the design feel strong, durable and premium which is what you expect from a chair of this price.The chair can be positioned in a variety of ways meaning whether you are playing games in an upright position or chilling tilted back watching youtube videos you are covered.It’s comfortable. Have I said that enough? You are going to have no problems playing games or working for long hours while seated on the Titan. I have experienced this first hand while testing the product. I am writing this entire review while sitting in the chair itself.The armrests not only provide you great customisation but they are soft.

A lot of gaming chairs have very firm plastic feeling armrests which I find hurt my elbows. The Titan’s are much softer thanks to the padding of the PU leather.The actual shape of the chair is much more ‘freeing’. What I mean by that is that a lot of gaming chairs have a ‘bucket’ seat design. My old chair is a great example of that.

“Before going ahead and installing the software in the following steps please check the git”.It makes you feel confined and hugs you into the chair. Not only that but the sides on the base of the bucket seat make it more difficult to sit cross-legged or with one leg under the other.The Titan’s base is flat which actually gives you so much more room. If like me, you are guilty of poor ergonomics and like to sit cross-legged from time to time then you can do this on the Titan easily. Obviously, this depends on how tall you are though.The Titan makes you feel more comfortable, not just in the sense of comfort due to the cushioning but in the space you have around you. You are not confined to the chair.What I Didn’t Like About The Secretlab Titan – The ConsThis section is going to be short because the Titan does a lot right. There is, however, one improvement that I would suggest to Secretlab.I am nitpicking here but as I mentioned in the setup section, the plastic grooves of the levers could be designed to be more sturdy.When installing the paddles onto the metal brackets the grooves frayed slightly because I didn’t correctly line them up.Secretlab could either provide the levers pre-installed or make the grooves inside the levers metal.It is hard to fault the chair in any of the core areas as it excels in customisation and comfort.

There are, however, a few quality of life upgrades that would make the chair perfect. Verdict – Most Comfortable Gaming Chair?The comes in at the top-end of the gaming chair market. Its price reflects that but from my testing, you get what you pay for.The chair feels as though it’s built to last. From the metal wheelbase on the bottom all the way up to the solid structure of the back piece and base.I will do an update on the article after 6-12 months of use to comment more on how it’s holding up.The customisation and comfort the chair provides is the reason why it has replaced my old chair. From the flat wide base to the cushioning across the chair, it’s really comfortable.And that’s all that matters when it comes to a chair.

I can’t give this chair the title of the most comfortable gaming chair until I have tested more on the market.However, I do think this chair is worth its price tag.If you are interested in picking one up then head over to. FAQ Secretlab Titan Leather vs SoftweaveIf you prefer cloth fabric to leather then Secretlab now offers their ‘Softweave’ series which is the exact same chair but instead of leather the chair has a fabric finish to it.The Softweave series is slightly more expensive than the PU leather series.Secretlab Titan vs Omega vs ThroneA common question when it comes to selecting a Secretlab chair is whether you should pick the Omega or the Titan.There are a few differences, here they are side by side:ThroneOmegaTitanRecommended Height145 – 165cm160 – 180cm175 – 200cmMax Weight.

If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use.If you’re one of the people who think it’s clever to say “any chair is a gaming chair if you use it to play games,” I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. OK, technically, you’re right, but if you don’t think there’s a difference between a vanilla office chair and a high-quality chair designed for gaming, you are completely wrong. The Secretlab Titan (See it on Amazon) is one such example: this is a chair for gaming.I mean it.

This is a pure gaming chair. The only thing more pure is maybe the $10,000 Acer Predator Thronos, but only because the PC and monitors are built in. The Secretlab Titan doesn’t have a top-of-the-line gaming PC built into its chassis, but it does have enough adjustment options to make it easy to find a comfortable position for gaming. It’s also designed for tall people like me. If you’re not over 6-feet tall, the Secretlab Omega (See it on Amazon) gaming chair is more up your alley. Secretlab Titan – Design and FeaturesLet’s start with all the possible adjustments.

The seat height can be adjusted up or down a good 4-inches, tilt can be locked into place, or set to allow a free-rocking lifestyle. There’s adjustable lumbar support, which I cranked to the highest (I value my lumbar greatly). It’s similar to a car’s lumbar support system, where you can expand or contract the part of the seat touching your lower back. A lever on the right side lets you easily adjust the angle of the seat back, from a fully upright, 90-degrees of perfect gaming posture, to what feels like 180-degrees, flat-on-your back maximum chill level (it’s actually more like 120 degrees, but if the chair has tilt unlocked, it feels completely flat). There’s also a memory-gel pillow with a faux-suede finish to cradle your head and neck.

The Titan comes with a three-year warranty, but you can extend it an additional two years by just posting a photo of your chair to social media. For comparison, Vertagear and DXRacer, both offer two year warranties on their chairs, although DXRacer guarantees its frames for life.But the real highlight of the adjustment possibilities for me were the armrests.

They move up and down, which is lovely, but they also can move forward or backward two inches. Another win in the adjustment department. But there’s more still: the armrests can move in or out from center, letting you sit with a conservative, closed arm stance, or throw caution to the wind and go real wide.

But the Titan isn’t done yet: the armrests can also move to one of three horizontal, angled positions: 60-degrees inward, 90-degrees, or 120-degrees outward. The armrests are what really makes me love the Titan. I tend to change my arm position depending on what game I’m playing, turning my keyboard and leaning in for shooters, but leaving things relatively the same as when I type for slower-paced games like Minecraft or Civ VI. Having the armrests keep up with my changing style means I didn’t have a sore neck from supporting my arm in some awkward position.

If you’re expecting a chair that feels like a cloud, the Titan isn’t for you.“The Titan is made of PU Leather, which is a polyurethane-coated imitation leather. As far as breathability is concerned, it leaves a lot to be desired. I definitely noticed some unwelcome warmth in my seat on warmer days. Unlike the Respawn 900, which includes a cup holder so you can enjoy a cool beverage while gaming, Secretlab warns against spilling liquids on the PU Leather. It also advises against long-term contact with perspiration. Given its tendency to get warm, it’s a major knock against it.It lacks any pockets or holders, which I can’t fault it for since it’s meant to be used at a desk.

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The amount of positional adjustments more than compensate for the fact it doesn’t have built-in pockets like the Respawn 900. Secretlab Titan – AssemblyThe Secretlab Titan is considerably heavier than the Respawn 900 reclining chair I reviewed previously. However, I found assembly wasn’t any more difficult with the Titan than it was for the Respawn. Two people are recommended, but assembling it solo is completely possible and didn’t cause any unnecessary frustration.There are a lot of parts to assemble, but the directions are extremely clear and it looks much more intimidating than it actually is. It took me around 45 minutes from the time I began fitting everything together, and with unpacking and clean up, it took about an hour. Secretlab Titan – GamingWell, here we are, at the heart of the matter: how is the Titan when it comes to gaming? In a nutshell, I loved it.

All those armrest adjustments seemed intimidating at first, but once I locked in my favored position for whatever game I happened to be playing, it felt excellent. My older chair, bless its heart, didn’t have adjustable armrests, so I ended up hovering my arms a lot.

After a long session, I’d have a sore shoulder. Not so with the Titan. The armrests really emphasize the word, “rest.”. At the same time, if I was watching videos or otherwise screwing around, being able to adjust the backrest to a reclined position was great. It’s like they took the philosophy of a mullet—business up front, party in the back—and made it into a chair.The castors on which the Titan sits are excellent.

They roll with barely any resistance, letting you glide across your computer room effortlessly.Since the armrests have so much in the way of adjustment options, they never once got in the way of using my mouse and keyboard. The arms on my old chair swung up and away, letting me push the chair in all the way when I was done using my PC. With the Titan, I just dropped the armrests to their lowest level and pushed the chair in. Easy-peasy.I’m 6′ 2″ tall, so Secretlab recommended the Titan over its Omega. The 4-inches of height adjustment doesn’t sound like much, but it’s quite substantial in practice. At full height, my feet felt like they were barely touching the floor.

I would have liked even more in the way of lumbar support, but the ability to adjust it at all without resorting to a pillow is appreciated, even if it is a little less than I’d like. Purchasing GuideYou can order the Titan direct from Secretlab for $399, but if you want to buy it from Amazon for the same price, you need to apply the coupon on the Amazon page before you checkout. There are also different color schemes to choose from, and you can preorder special edition chairs (like a ridiculously cool Dark Knight version).