Star Trek Online Shield Visuals

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Star trek online shield visuals

Trying out the Romulan Baratan Class Warbird in the mission 'Midnight.' The Warbird I'm impressed with, the mission, not so much.:-) Sorry folks, I had a hard time with compressing this video for upload., and it should be 1080p. But it's not, it's 720p?? Once I uploaded it to YouTube, the sound in the main mission is a little off also.

It is was it is.

MMOs don’t have a nice big final objective like single player games, so the actual objective here is to the best items available at a point. That’s why they are such a big waste of time.I did not had and still don’t have the time to actually play this game as it supposed to e played, so I had to make everything ultra-quick by not wasting any time.Star Trek Online is very user friendly regarding this matter – the first best thing about it. I stated that it is possible, not that any new player can do it.First of all, you do not require to complete any L50 episodes. Level up to 50 happens before you reach 2/3 of the total episodes for any faction.I did level up my Romulan character in under 12 hours (and not of continuous play). Yes, Q helped with the x2 XP, but it’s still a fact. Most missions for the experienced players take more time to navigate to objectives than to actually do something in them.Second, now-days things are becoming much more simple since you can find on the X-change MK 2-4-6-8-10 purple items at near recycler prices due to the new research introduced (everyone can make them).

Practically you can be continuously purple-equipped with very little EC. Let’s be serious about it. Making EC via Latinum is the worst way possible to do it.All Duty Officer missions that drop EC drop nearly nothing. DOffing is good for a lot of other things, but not for making EC.Also carcases 4 Latinum is very unpractical considering that Daboo can drop 300 per turn. The only actually practical DOff mission I found is one where you can purchase prisoners for Latinum (for KDF), but then a tour of all near-DS9 sectors will fill up you brig in 2 hours.So if you’re into making EC or Top items, there’s no place for Latinum. If you’re into the little funny things, then it wouldn’t hurt to have some.Hopefully we will see some more uses for it eventually.If I were to add something, I would make some unique pirate items obtainable by Latinum only.As for the new player perspective, it would be a lot more efficient for him to kill a few sitting duck ships in a farming mission and make half a mil in half an hour.

Like I said, getting latinum for doing NOTHING, was built in as a sideline for a little bit of humor.I did state there are no fortunes in it. If you want to ignore that and play the game seriously, you would be concentrating on your pvp skills. New players have Nothing. I can remember those brick walls and catch 22’s.

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I could not get going. A purple mkxii phaser turret drop changed everything for me when i sold it for 3 million.I did not know about making e.c. I had used all the stuff i found.I am trying to help new players. Many with there advice seem to forget some players have not played an mmo before,and sto is a lure to older people.(who would not play witches and wizards or console ports).

Sto Items That Change Ship Appearance

Many new players will need time to pilot a ship etc.However.Here is your clanger. I sell MINIMUM 5 contraband per day per character from doff missions, so thats 200k + e.c. Right there,again for doing nothing and from doff missions.On top. Free money.That tip will not be so useful for new players,unfortunately,they wont have contraband to spare.