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Page Tools.Humans afflicted by the first stage of the Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis i are known as Runners. They still possess a sense of humanity and retain most of their human features, with notable exceptions of rotting and discolored skin. The Runners run at and travel in packs. They try to fight back against the fungus, but can't stop it. Since they still have their sight, unlike, they will more easily spot you from a distance.Sneaking up on a Runner requires you to be behind them, however, as the game hints in loading screens, Runners will completely ignore your flashlight. Hand to hand combat is easier with them, compared to other enemy types, although since they travel in packs it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed and cornered.

Use L2 if you do decide to try sprinting away or even through Runners by pushing them out of your way. Walkthrough. Hometown.

The Quarantine Zone. The Outskirts. Bill's Town. Pittsburgh. The Suburbs. Tommy's Dam.

The University. Lakeside Resort.

The Last Of Us Stalkers

Bus Depot. The Firefly Lab. Jackson. Left Behind Walkthrough.

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The Last Of Us Stalkers Episode

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'Tall and scary, gives me the chills.' ―CrystleJex Walther's Notes - RestoredThis note was found hidden in an alley with portion of it missing. It has since been partially rewritten through conjecture.It wasn't long after we spotted the first that more eventually started to pop up out of the darkness, creeping behind a corner. One of our members saw it peeking and instinctively shot it - or so it seemed. Poor kid probably felt confident that he killed it, but as soon as he distanced himself from the group to take a closer look, the thing grabbed him and bolted.

We attempted a rescue, but it was cut short as soon as we realized the creature had sprinted in the direction of the oncoming horde. One thing I've noticed is that it keeps its victims awake. I hope that kid didn't have to go through that. SummaryA very tall, grey and disturbing creature that has special powers. It grabs survivors when they get close and takes them away from the main group to be killed.

It turns invisible when idle, can shield itself and move very quickly. It's a survivor's worst nightmare and lives in a dark cave.Background StoryThe whispers from the fog haunt the dreams of those who were there at the beginning. They cause them to recall missing comrades. Silhouettes, tall, thin, sprinting through the corner of their eye. They turn, and nothing is there.Every night, the whispers kept them awake. They set rules.

Who would be watching, where they would be watching. But every morning, more and more of their comrades would be gone.There was nothing they could do.Rarely, those that disappeared found their way back. They told stories of being saved, carried away in numerous sets of sickly, grey arms to be dropped off miles away.Even more rare than the survivors are those who spot these creatures when they appear to be more human than they deserve to be. Some have been spotted wearing tattered clothes, others wearing things like caps and even headphones.These Stalkers are some of the most dangerous foes, and also the most mysterious.Controls PCDescription. Shield: Emits a forcefield, preventing the Stalker from taking damage.

You can move around with it active.Consumes 20 energy per second.Adaptive Camouflage (Passive): If a Stalker stands still for a few seconds, they will go invisible. Invisibility is broken by movement or attack.Tips Survivors.

The Stalker is very fast, follow the movements so you can kill it more easily. Stay together with other survivors. Communicate with others.