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There are loads of mods to make Fallout 4’s wasteland look prettier, bringing it back to life with more greenery, new trees, and other foliage. With a mod, you can really transform the look of the game with just a few clicks. Well now you can make that process much more tedious.Check our list of the for more.There’s a new Fallout 4 mod that lets you prettify the wasteland with a double-barrelled shotgun. You can spurt out grass, shrubs, and even trees with each shot.

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While it might seem like a lot of work, it’d be great for making gardens on your settlements.

Fallout 4 graphics modsThere are loads of ENBs and Reshade mods out there that can dramatically alter Fallout’s appearance through post-processing wizardry, but I’m rather partial to the Enhanced Wasteland Preset, which has been around forever. If you find the Commonwealth a bit too gloomy, then this might be exactly the panacea you’re looking for, significantly livening up the world with more vibrant colours and lighting.If the thought of pretty colours makes you violently retch, and even the default appearance is too chipper for you, then Stalker Lightning might be more up your street.

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By draining the world of its vibrancy, the Commonwealth starts to look a lot like STALKER’s Zone. You will feel depressed, and maybe you’ll even start questioning why you’re fighting your way through this miserable world (it’s for your terrible son), but that’s all part of the post-apocalyptic experience.Enhanced Lights and FX tackles Fallout 4’s derelict interiors, overhauling ambient lights, light sources and visual effects, generally creating more moody, atmospheric indoor areas. It’s great if you’re wanting darker dungeon romps, too, though that’s far from the only reason to add this to your mod library. And despite the big changes and vastly improved lighting, you shouldn’t notice much of an FPS drop.True Storms is a beefy weather overhaul that takes Fallout 4’s slightly subdued storms and cranks them up to Biblical proportions. Like the best graphics and weather mods, this one is very much in keeping with vanilla Fallout 4, but it makes weather a lot more intense and varied, while adding more gameplay ramifications, such as Ghoul attacks during radiation storms and noise reduction when it’s raining.Blood!

It’s everywhere in Fallout 4. Sometimes it’s yours, sometimes it’s from someone you killed and sometimes it’s just being used in lieu of paint by an overly-enthusiastic maniac. Since you’re going to be seeing so much of it, you might as well make it look good. Enhanced Blood Textures replaces Fallout 4’s blood smears with HD versions, while introducing blood pools, Synths that bleed oil and more types of blood stains. Delicious.Vivid Fallout – All in One combines all of the Vivid Fallout texture mods in one huge mod. Terrain, trees, rocks, roads and bridges all get a sexy upgrade, and without a performance cost. It actually uses less VRAM than the original textures.

Fallout 4 Shotguns Mod For Sale


You can also find separate downloads for each individual component, so if you only want to improve the natural landscape, or just bridges, you can do that.The Texture Optimization Project is more of a performance mod than a graphics overhaul. It takes the original Fallout 4 textures and replaces them with compressed and resized versions.

Fallout 4 Shotguns Mod 2

If your PC is straining and a wobbly FPS is giving you a headache, these textures might be a big help. There’s very little loss of quality, but a noticeable performance boost.Weather mods can increase Fallout 4’s dynamism, but when the rad storms finish or the mist clears up, the world is left the same. Fallout 4 Seasons transforms the Commonwealth completely, making it feel like a more mutable place. In winter, frost and snow covers the ground, killing off plants, while the spring thaw sees greenery pushing throw the ice and flowers starting to bloom once more. Unfortunately, the seasons don’t change on their own. You can only have one season installed at a time, and to switch them you’ll need to pay a quick visit to your mod manager. I love how, despite this, the mod attempts to simulate the slow shifting of the seasons with the additions of the spring thaw and first frost mods, letting you gradually move from winter to spring or autumn to winter.